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Webmail is an easy to understand interface that permits you to get to and read your messages by means of your program without the need to introduce any extra programming on your nearby PC or web facilitating account. All Onlive Server Hosting arranges incorporate completely coordinated webmail customers through which you can get to your records from any area or PC with simply your most loved browser.To access your email account by means of webmail essentially enter your space name took after by/webmail. This will guide you to the webmail login structure.

Webmail Application

webmail application

Fill in your full email address name and your password and click on the Log in button to access the webmail interface.You will be presented with 4 different email applications to choose from and several configuration options. Via this page you may either proceed to your email account via one of the four webmail applications or apply several configuration options to your email account such as:

-Changing your password via the ‘Change Password” icon.
-Configure an email forwarder to direct your incoming messages to a different mail box.
-Setup an auto responder to automatically send predefined emails in reply to all incoming emails.
-Configure an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird mail installed on your local computer.
-Filter your messages based on predefined rules.
All of the available webmail clients have the basic set of features required to check your email, write new messages and organize your email correspondence. You may test different webmail clients to find the one that best suits your needs. Currently Onlive ServerĀ support four different webmail clients including AfterLogic Webmail.
Click on any webmail client and you will be redirected to your email account inbox to review your messages.

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