Domain Registration


Onlive Server Hosting Company also offer Domain Registration facilities at very affordable and cheapest price. There are two major types of Top Level Domains. First one is “generic” TLDs and second one is “gTLDs” are most common TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws) and ones which are country-specific(ccTLD) for e.g. (.in, .uk, .tk, .ml,). If you are going to launch your website on internet and increase your business growth then first thing you need to book a domain (URL) name. That domain name should be according to your business that denote your business category that’s way domain name is the most important part for you and your customers. So, first of all when you go to book your domain, it is advisable to keep your domain short because longer domain is quite difficult to spell & remember. It’s a better technique to use of keywords could be used as domain name. That will be help to increase search engine ranking for your website and one more thing keep in mind when you register a domain name, you have to choose better extension like Top Level Domain (TLD) or Domain Extension. you may choose any of the extension from here.