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Cheapest Dedicated Server

Onlive Server is the brilliant hosting Provider company that offers Cheapest Dedicated Server in Germany Location with 24*7 technical support free of cost.

What is Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated server is a physical server (or PC) running a server-based programming that runs different administrations over a system. Dedicated Server is totally separated for your utilization as it were.

Why use Dedicated Servers?

A Dedicated server is a perfect answer for bigger organizations and high-traffic sites. Dedicated Servers take into account most extreme customization, configuration, establishment, and general adaptability; all sponsored by  Onlive Server unparalleled backing. Dedicated server may be better since it is totally yours and there are no other root clients. It guarantees that outsider exercises don’t influence your administrations.

A High-Traffic Classified Website

A site with high traffic (activity) and asset needs will start to strain a common hosting server. Before long, both your site and the other sites sharing your server will slow down or even stop when the server’s ability is exceeded. With a Dedicated server, you don’t have to share. You’re allowed to utilize 100 percent of the server to handle your activity and deal with your exchanges. On the off chance that your needs exceed your server, you can move up to a greater and speedier server, something that you’re growing business should be ready to support.

If there is traffic on your website from Europe than you should host your server on same Europe for example if your website is in Germany in Europe then you should take the Germany dedicated server and you should also host your Website in Europe on different VPS Server like as France VPS Server, Germany VPS Server, Italy VPS Server, Spain VPS Server, UK VPS Server, Poland VPS Server, Portugal VPS Server, Ireland VPS Server, Czech Republic VPS Server, Netherlands VPS Server, Finland VPS Server, VPS Server, Belgium VPS Server and all type Cheap VPS Server Hosting plan because if visitors are nearby the Server then it gives a good speed to the visitors.

Germany Dedicated Server

Our Cheap Dedicated Server Germany offers you outrageous dedicated hosting arrangements with superior adaptability and dependability at amazing costs – Stop and investigate the rundown of our Dedicated servers. If You are searching for profitable servers that supply most extreme data transfer capacity, Germany Dedicated Servers is your best choice.

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Onlive Server is a leading Server Hosting Company provide Cheap and best server hosting plans for more than 35 countries. Available all server hosting plans like Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS server hosting. Managed Dedicated Servers: Onlive Server is giving fully managed Dedicated Servers, Linux and windows VPS and Cloud Servers.