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Cheap Hosting VPS – Cloud Server Hosting

Onlive Server create a strong and powerful cloud VPS hosting environment for your business websites, VPS Hosting Cheapest and Cloud Server Hosting must be essential because of it dynamic demand of today’s application or software needs. Our servers are used for ultra-fast network infrastructure that ensures superior performance for the reliable hosting environment. Our Cloud Server Hosting and VPS infrastructure have been designed using the top-level KVM Virtualization technology which gives a powerful platform to our clients.

Our all servers are more flexible and scalable, that you can start off your business websites with the minimum amount of resources and as soon as your business grow then you can increase your hosting plan to accommodate your requirements. You have a more control over your server and get full root access. We will grant a great technical support team for most issues. You can use our servers for more power and scalability that your website needs and Also for Proxy IP Servers, Website Hosting, Application Hosting, VPN, DNS etc.

Here some Benefits of our Servers

  • Unlimited Bandwidth Facility
  • Low-latency Interconnects
  • Full Root Access with Complete Control
  • Dedicated Highly Computing Resources
  • Highly Secure Hosting Environment
  • 24X7X365 Dedicated Technical Support Team
  • Advance KVM Virtualization Technology
  • Authentication, Authorization Management System
  • Hardware, Software, Patches Updates
  • Server Monitoring and Management
  • High-Level Security Management System

If you are confused that how it will suit on your all purposes and fulfill web hosting needs. Continue read our blog!!!!!

Know More About Cheap Hosting VPS

Onlive Server’s Cheap VPS Servers is one of the most popular and highly demanded all over the world just because of the quality of resources and hardware that we granted on all VPS. Mostly hosting users have a preference for Cheap Hosting VPS, that’s why Onlive Server decided to provide reliable and flexible VPS plans with more control and secure hosting environment. We ensure to give a choice of operating system, high disk space, and unlimited bandwidth that help to increase business website traffic. Our VPS plans available for each country with nearest data-center. The User data will be safe in our data center. It is a secure hosting environment that can reboot a server or use server smoothly. Get the cost-effective hosting solution with us.

Basically, VPS server is less expensive than dedicated server plan that is the main reason many businessmen prefer VPS. There are many web hosting services provider companies who offer cheap VPS services but do not power in their servers. If we talk about Onlive Server then you can be faith on us because we never make any false promises and fully customized VPS plans that meet your needs so you will pay for what you want and what your use.

How to configure a Cheap Hosting VPS Plans?

Here, we provide customization option where you can customize your plans according to your business requirement. if you have a low budget and want Cheap VPS Hosting plans then you have reached the right place. Our customization option provides you the freedom to make own their own plans. If you need just 1 GB of RAM, lower bandwidth and minimum hard disk space just customize your plans that will be suitable for your budget and it will be available at a very cheapest price. Otherwise Here, Pre-defined plans also available at an impressive price. You can go through this one also.

What You Get with Cheap Hosting VPS

  • It gives Independent and high scalability for your web application
  • Affordable and powerful hosting platform
  • Variety of Operating System
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Unlimited bandwidth with massive storage
  • 99.97% uptime SLA
  • High SSD Storage and backup solution
  • More Flexible and Reliable Hosting solution
  • Unlimited Domain and database
  • Permission to Start, Stop or reboot your server
  • Instantly Setup
  • 20x Fast Network Connectivities through top ISP

So Simple, So Affordable Our Cheap Hosting VPS and Cloud Server Hosting Plans

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