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People all over the internet use domain names for networking and it is a very common term if you deal with blog posts and handles the website. But, for those who are not aware of the term and want to get started with it, here is the complete guide on how you can get going. This article would clear all your doubts and help you book your domain name. 

A domain name can be referred to as the association of the IP address over the internet. In simple terms to get started the domain name is the term that appears after “@” in your email addresses or after the “WWW.” in any of the web addresses. Some of the examples can be and

It is the sphere of data that is defined under a specific name. You may be thinking that these sites are well known and well established so buying or booking a domain name is a tedious task. But, let us simplify that you too can Book Domain Name Online. The process to buy the domain name is pretty straight and you too can book it even if you are a beginner. 

Book a Domain name in 5 Steps

Finding a Good Domain Registrar 

The domain provider or the registrar is the company that helps you in booking and managing the domain names. It is also accredited by the ICANN and is a non-profitable organization.  

It can be very difficult sometimes to choose a particular domain name provider as there are many of them. But don’t worry, just consider the below points before choosing a hosting provider.

  • Price- Before you choose the hosting provider read the terms and conditions carefully. There can be many hidden domain costs that should be checked carefully.
  • The expiration date- It is very important to renew the domain name before it gets expired. So, you should look for the hosting providers that allow you to get the features of auto-renewal or reminders.
  • Transfer policies- Make sure to check the transfer policies if you want to shift from one registrar to the other. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to transfer the domain.
  • Extra features- There are many host providers that give you extra features like domain parking and domain privacy without charging any additional cost. Look for these types of domain name providers.

The Domain Name Search

When you find the right registrar, the next step involves the domain name search. Whenever you choose the domain name make sure to check for the right extension domains as well. 

The domain name extensions are sometimes referred to as the top-level domain.

Pick Up the Domain

After doing both the above processes, it’s time to check out. You need to see the various domain registration periods. 

There are many registrars who will also remind you before the due date. The time period may vary depending on the hosting provider.

Completing the Domain Registration

When you make the payment, you will be redirected to the control panel where you need to give the details like the domain name, contact number, address. 

These data will be store in the WHOIS. After you submit the details, the registration will be process.

Verification of the owner

The last step involves ownership verification. An email will be delivered to you on your registered email id. 

It arrives within a minute. You just need to click on it to confirm the booking. 

What is the perfect time to buy a Domain Name?

The best time depends on your urgency and your type of work. There are 363 million registrations across the TLDs at the start of 2021. It increases rapidly each year. The domain names are digital assets. 

Many of them buy good URLs and leave them until they become valuable and then they sell them. If you are planning for an e-commerce site, then getting a domain name is essential. So, you should book a domain name online and then reserve it for the future. 

Purchasing a domain name for your personal portfolio is also an asset. This increases the chance of arrival of clients and building up the network.  

So, booking the domain name online should depend on your priority. If you are building a new business then buying a new domain name would increase the presence and gives an identity to your business.

Can I Book a Domain Name without a host?

The answer to the question is Yes. Web hosting and Domain Registration Online are very different things. It is not necessary to have a host to book your domain name. 

You just need to check if the desired domain name is already taken or not. If it’s not you may buy and register it.

It does not matter that you have a website or not, the domain name will be yours until and unless it expires or is not renew.

Can I Buy a Domain Name permanently?

No, you cannot buy a domain name permanently as it is not a one-time investment. The maximum period for which you can buy a domain name is ten years. 

You need to renew it before it gets expire. The renewal price is more than the registration as the number of domain names increases rapidly so the tax also increases accordingly.


The main thing to keep in mind is the selection of the right registrar and the pricing. The pricing and add-on features are the key things. All the steps mentioned above are straight forward and even the very beginners can do it without any confusion. 

It all depends on your priority whether you want to buy it or not. The period also depends on your need. If you liked the steps and were useful, you may comment down. Your comments are precious to us.