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In the event that you might want to have admittance to your database from a remote area or join an application that is situated on an alternate server to your facilitating account databases you should utilize the Remote MySQL Access highlight in your record cPanel.The MySQL Remote Access instrument is situated under the Database segment of your cPanel.The Remote MySQL Access device is really straight forward – you should essentially include the IP location of the remote server or PC. On the off chance that you might want to get to your databases by means of your neighborhood PC, you ought to include your nearby IP address. You can figure out what is your flow nearby IP address by just writing “What is my IP” into the Google Search box.

copy the IP address

Essentially duplicate the IP deliver and add it to the permitted has.

connect to your MySQL database

In the event that you might want to permit access from any IP location to your databases, you ought to enter the special case sign – “%” – without the quotes. Click on the Add Host catch when you have the wanted host set in the field.

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