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Another essential piece of the cPanel is the Metrics Section which contains a few apparatuses to survey the action on your site and facilitating account.The main instrument accessible under the Metrics segment is the Latest Visitors symbol. This element shows up to 1000 of the latest passages in the web server log for any of your spaces arranged. To audit the logs essentially tap on the symbol beside your space name.

cpanel domain name

This will show the most recent lines of your entrance logs which incorporate the IP location of your site guest, the careful URL, the solicitation date, demand size, alluding URL and the guest’s client specialists.

latest website visitors

Another valuable symbol in the cPanel Metrics area is the Raw Access Logs symbol. Crude Access permit you to see who has gone by your site without showing diagrams, outlines or different illustrations. You can utilize the Raw Access menu to download a zipped form of the server’s entrance log for your website. This can be extremely valuable when you need to rapidly have the capacity to see who is going by your site.To download the Raw Access log of your space name just tap on the area name from the Download segment.

cpanel download current raw access log

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