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Do the Selection of Hosting Servers on behalf of your Business need

If you have to start your online business and want to host your own website, in this condition you must be aware of some hosting terms. There are lots of hosting related highly technical terms which we usually use in our daily life. First of all, we will discuss the types of hosting servers.

Types of Hosting Server
Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting is the server where a single owner takes the charge of the whole server with full root access. They manage the whole server and control all of its resources. The whole server is not shared with anyone else. Dedicated Hosting services are costly in comparison to their hosting services.

Shared Server

Shared hosting server is a server in which a single server is used by multiple users. Here a single resource is used by many users as well it’s cheaper in price.

VPS Server

VPS stands for the virtual private server where a single virtual machine handles lots of users. It is just a hybrid of the shared and cheapest dedicated server hosting server. It contains much-advanced functionality, flexibility, and lots of resources like a dedicated server at a low price.

Linux/Windows Server

A Hosting Server powered by Linux and run on Linux based operating system is known as Linux hosting server. It depends upon the choice of customer that what type of hosting platform they need to host their website. There is another choice i.e windows hosting server which runs and support all windows based application.

Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting server we generally acquire a block of server resources and resell these at our own hosting services.

On behalf of your business need, you can do the selection of hosting server. Generally, for a start-up, VPS server is enough to fulfill their hosting demands. In case of the large and complicated type of business, we need dedicated hosting server which gives more disk storage and bandwidth facility to us. There are also other choices available which can be useful and beneficial for our business purposes.

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