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What Is Zpanel

Server Hosting Company/ July 16, 2018/ Knowledge Base

If you are working with the server for web configurations, then a powerful control panel will tend to save time and make you work in a professional manner. A good control panel is regarded as the costly solution and hence it is very hard to configure a free product. In such situations, it is essential to accomplish everything manually. To

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What Is Virtualmin – Best Alternative of Cpanel

Server Hosting Company/ July 13, 2018/ Web Hosting

Do you want to know what is Virtualmin? If so, then have to read this article. Virtualmin is a website control panel and domain hosting that provides the capability to develop & manage numerous domains and hence available in both commercial and open source versions. This domain hosting system is based upon the Webmin and several web hosting systems usually prefer Virtualmin as the best alternative for Cpanel. Onlive Server offers Virtualmin for the users at

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