Server Hosting Company/ January 12, 2017/ Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting

Applications of UK VPS and UK Dedicated Hosting Servers

Onlive Server Technology’s UK VPS and UK Dedicated Hosting Server are effortlessly configurable and provisioned to suit your business prerequisites. Fueled with next generation Intel CPU chipsets, our VPS and Dedicated Servers are situated in many places, in this way giving security, heartiness and unwavering quality at an affordable price. What’s more we certification 99.99% uptime and a dedicated support team unequaled for all equipment related issues guaranteeing your business in safe hands. We have an extensive variety of Dedicated and VPS Hosting Server arranges alongside us to suit little and in addition enterprise level business needs.We use top quality hardware super micro server in it. Our servers are also safe from security purpose as we provide firewall security to your server and monitor your server all day and night and high bandwidth to host your websites. Due to high bandwidth you can easily host your websites and generate more traffic on your websites.

Remote Access with Automation and Control

Onlive Server Technology offers you root access permission with full control over your server so you can easily access your server and install and remove any software which you want according to your use. Each Dedicated and UK VPS Hosting Server accompanies a full GUI Console Access through our customer territory. Like in the event that you were sitting before the server machine with a serial console and mouse connected to. Our Comprehensive Web interface gives your total control with Premium Network and KVM to your servers which reboot and control it. You can use our server farms for special projects, development of site or software, video encoding, remote file storage, gaming and for many more. We also keep the backup of your server so that in case of any data loss your data can be recovered and you will not face data loss problem.