ZPanel Control Panel

zPanel Server Management is a free web-hosting control panel that is basically developed to work with Linux, Unix, and MacOS & Microsoft Windows. Consider as free web hosting Cpanel to turn up your professional or home server. Easy to manage and use a web hosting server. Onlive Server is offering zPanel Server Management installation services with all type of online business that is meet up your web hosting needs.

Benefits of Zpanel

zPanel Server Management work like similar to the Cpanel or Control Panel. It can easily manage every facet of web servers such as FTP, DNS, domains, MySQL databases as well as more sophisticated configuration.

Features Of Zpanel

Zpanel Server Management is well-equipped and available with well open-source projects like Filezilla, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and many more others. You can manage FTP accounts, domain names, MySQL databases, DNS and domain names. There are many versions of Zpanel Server Management that is suitable for multiple operation facts. Basically, Zpanel delivers web API integration for the purpose of production. The user can easily customize the product by making use of different modules.

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