Hire Linux Admin

A system administrator can work remotely, and in some cases, servers can even be remote with the administrator. Onlive Server offers Linux administration experts for resolution of the server request. Our experts are always ready to help you and offer you the best support service possible.

What does the Linux system administrator do?

The Linux system administrator is literally responsible for managing almost all IT aspects of a company. Onlive Server offers an experienced Linux administrator who can control the network on which your company is installed. So employees can connect to their computer and network, allowing them to connect to the Internet and any file sharing system in place. In addition, the administrator is responsible for maintaining the web servers and for troubleshooting problems that could cause network and website errors.

Most Linux system administrators do not work alone, they work together with a selection of men and women trained in specific areas of the server, while the administrator should be trained in all aspects.

Why do I need it?

In fact, sometimes you may not need the Linux admin but If you have a small and large business and do not have your own server, it is absolutely necessary to have a system administrator. However, if you have a Linux-based server, it is absolutely essential that you have a competent Linux system administrator in all areas of the server, an asset that will allow your business and for your site to run smoothly, efficiently and professional any time.

How Much Does it Cost?

As with most positions, a Linux system administrator has a varying rate regarding the hourly wage he can expect. As with any job, you should consider their qualifications – what types of administrative jobs are mastered? Do they have certifications? What additional activities can they manage? When reviewing their qualifications, you may find that Onlive Server offers very convenient plans for the Linux system administrator to help you.