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Quick 24 x 7 Support
Steadily Wondering what to do when you have issue in out of timings, we arrive for you round the clock.
Multiple Locations Servers
Choose Country and We will give you server in that area as We work Multi Countries Multi Data Centers
Fully Managed Servers
The most effective method to do a thing in servers, no stresses we will alter whatever you require servers

Cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting

Are you considering a reliable server hosting company for your new and old website or blog? There are several different types of server hosting like Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting and Web Server Hosting that are available in markets. Onlive Server Hosting can help you to choose the best server hosting plan for your website with safe secure, high speed and ease it deserves. With Onlive Server, your site is sure to compete favorably with the big shots on the internet. We have available many type of server hosting plan at very affordable price. Each type of plans has its own advantages. The website owner chooses the best one plan according to their needs that will benefit their business most. The company is providing their services in USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, India and many more other countries. We are offering these popular server hosting packages.

• Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting
• Cheapest Dedicated VPS Hosting
• Cheapest Cloud Server Hosting
• Cheapest Web Server Hosting

Benefits of Our Dedicated Server Hosting: –

1. Safe, Secure and Reliable Hosting
2. Improved Scalability
3. More Flexibility and Control
4. High Speed Bandwidth
5. Own Their Own CPU
6. 24hr Average Provisioning Time
7. 100% Uptime SLA
8. Free Setup Assist Service
9. 24×7 Customer Technical Support
10. 24×7 Hardware Replacement
11. Reliable with High Uptime
12. Bandwidth and Enough Space To Grow

Why Onlive Server is the Smartest Choice: –

When choosing any web hosting company, there are number of factors to consider. They include:

Technical support – Our technical support team will be available at 24/7 to answer the needs of the client. They will be sure that their website will always be taken care of in case there is an issue.
Up-time – All website owners would prefer if their website is up at all times that’s way we have an up-time percentage of 99.99% in a year.
Customer reviews – Our web hosting companies already handle over the 2000 websites and our previous customers are fully satisfied with our services, it is proof that the prospective client will be satisfied as well.
Hardware and software – We have all the hardware and software that is required to the company needs.
Price – Our Server hosting cost is cheaper than other companies but we don’t compromise quality with price. We always to try to make our services more reliable and committed to providing best-in-class customer service.