Solus Virtual Server Management

Onlive Server offers (Solus Virtual Manager) SolusVM Technical support management service that is a powerful GUI based VPS management system. Solus Virtual Manager also provides full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Para-virtualization and Xen HVM support service. With SolusVM you can perform fully automated VPS creation & re-installation management. With the SolusVM easily start and stop the VPS server and also reboot it. Our technical support will also help you to take backup or restore all your virtual servers to an assigned, per host node and FTP server. They will also guide you about how to manage the resources of your VPS such as RAM, load average, bandwidth and disk utilization over time.

SolusVM also allows their clients to manage VPS server hosting with amazing security & easy to use. It’s good for Server Management and configuration. Solusvm server management plans basically provide the ultimate admin work including software installation, configuration the panel as well as troubleshooting issues of SolusVM Server.

Onlive Server – SolusVM Management & Monitoring

Onlive Server offers support service for both OpenVZ and Xen. Just click to our website and check out our OpenVZ and Xen Server Management Plan. If you choose our hosting management plans then clients need not worry about their VM management, mail server security, resource administration, VM backup and restorations and lots more.

Some of Additional Features. Such as: –

  • Main Host Management
  • Control Panel Installation Procedure
  • Setups, Backup & Restoration
  • Secure Audits VM Migration
  • Host System Tweaks
  • Brute Force Blacklist
  • SolusVM Setup and Hardening
  • LVM Installation and Configuration
  • Separate Admin & Client Areas
  • Direct Serial Console Login Prompt
  • Complete Hardware Node Management Console
  • SolusVM Template Management Console

Our 24×7 technical support team delivers outstanding administration and support for clients.