Website Security And Cyber ​​Security For Any Business

What Is Sitelock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based security tool that scans your website for malware and vulnerabilities. Sitelock not only detects threats but can also fix problems or security risks that you encounter in your webspace. Protect yourself from hackers, identify vulnerabilities, improve the speed of your website and increase conversions with a simple tool. SiteLock scans your website for malware and helps you identify and eliminate potential risks. With over 12 million websites around the world already protected by SiteLock, you can ensure that your website has the highest level of security possible.

All Sitelock Products Include:

Risk Assessment

Onlive Server provides predictive security. Sitelock’s predictive model determines your website’s risk before any vulnerabilities are detected. After your website is scanned, your risk factors break down into important categories and actionable steps are taken to secure your website.

360° Malware Scanning

SiteLock identifies and remove backdoor files, bots and other malicious code. It looks for malware, SQL injection and cross-site scripting and scans your website against spam lists.

Verifiable Trustmark

Show your visitors or customers that your website (and their information) is very secure by displaying the verifiable trust of sitelock on your page.

Sitelock Is Your Cyber Guard –

Block hackers and increase your security

Did you know that 15% or more websites contain malware in the course of a year? 1 Sitelock Security scans your website for anything it shouldn’t (malware, malicious code, etc.)

If the scan finds something that does not look right, you will be notified by email and through your control panel.

Our website security services protect your website from harmful malware or hackers. From small businesses to online businesses to large corporations, HostGator can help keep any website secure and under control.

Protect Your Search Engine Rankings

A typical website may have thousands of potential malware injection vulnerabilities. If search engines (like Google) search for malware on your website, you may be blacklisted, which can damage your reputation and search engine rank. Website security programs such as SiteLock prevent unsatisfied customers and potentially lost revenue.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that showing SiteLock Trustmark can increase conversion? It is a recognized symbol of patronage and is the “green light” for e-commerce customers.