Managing VMs in the Easy way with Powerful GUI Server Management

Manage Your VPS management Panels and patches in an easy way.

Virtualizor Server Management provides Virtualizor, User-friendly Control Panel and manages Virtual Machines. Get the best server management service with Virtual Machines based OpenVZ, Xen HVM, Xen PV, XenServer, and Linux KVM Virtualizations. Onlive Server provides excellent Support and Monitoring Server Management service including Server Logs, Hardware Nodes, Server Security, Backup Restoration and Server Migration from Old VPS to New VPS.

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Virtualizor Server Management retains a powerful GUI with help of Server Administrators that are capable to handle VPS aspects like Creation of VPS Server as well as users can work on VPS operations likable to Start, Stop and do anything. Onlive Server technical support team is fully responsible to handle Virtualizor Server and XEN, OpenVZ or KVM slave. The team is well experienced to know how to Setup and carry out Virtualizor Server Management Service.