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Onlive Server ensures to offer best and cheap Web Hosting in more than 35 Countries at a reasonable price without compromise in the quality of hardware. Client can get Linux and Windows based Web hosting plans for the E-Commerce, CMS, Forum, Wiki, Blog, Gallery Hosting and custom website hosting with the latest version of PHP module & Database, Firewall protected server and exploit Scanner installed for top label Security. Onlive Server Hosting Company also ensures to offer free 24X7 technical supports. Just choose our affordable Web Hosting plans to avail best solution with Hosting Account migrate and free DNS Management service.

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Why Should the Client Choose Best Web Hosting Company?

At Present, Many Web Hosting Companies Provide Cheap and Best Web Hosting Plans for The Following Reasons Instead of Server Hosting.

  • The Company provide the client safe and secure cheap and best web hosting plans at the cheapest price
  • In Best Web Hosting Company, we are accessing high-quality hardware and software to deliver reliable and powerful hosting solutions
  • Get hosting plans are highly accessed for development of the website, software, remote file storage, video encoding, special projects, gaming, and so on
  • The best company has own data center in many locations such as it is possible to get 99.99% uptime
  • With us, the client can also enjoy the freedom of choosing the bandwidth from a huge variety of network bandwidth speeds
  • The most important reason to choose a hosting plan is free website transfer. This feature makes the client save more time and money. Additionally, it let the client reach the top position in the industry

Choosing the Professionals Hosting Service for the Business Website

When the client’s looking for increasing the customer base in with the online website, choosing the best Windows and Linux Web Hosting plans is important. Most of the business owner today need of putting the faith and trust in Linux and Windows Web Hosting provider, especially when comes to ensuring the server. With these, people can share their bandwidth along with anyone this means the website remains accessible to another resource. Also, when people select managed service it will take care of managing or reducing the burdens of the server. With the Linux and Windows based Cheap web hosting server, the client can enjoy the range of business benefits, with this the website all the resources for the comfort access. The server also offers great comfort by eliminating all the difficulties. The server also supports to get additional space without any issues. To get additional space, the client needs to migrate to a new server.

Everything Important about Web Hosting

Web hosting can be defined as an agreement between the site owner and the hosting provider. This agreement is based on the idea that the site owner will be paying a certain amount as monthly fee for leasing or owning a part of the huge web server possesses by the hosting provider. Some of the most common questions asked about web hosting are as follows:

Frequently asked questions

Web hosting servers are computers housing important data of the websites being hosted on them. They allow the visitors on a site to go through the contents of a site. Web hosting servers can be considered storage units with specific windows that the other online users drive by taking a peep through.

If you are the owner of a site and you want that site to be visible online then you definitely require web hosting services. There is not a single site that can survive online without having its very own web server. It is true that web servers generally tend to be very expensive and therefore hosting providers have come up with the option of offering servers on rent. Web server hosting offers site owners the scope of reaching worldwide customers without putting in a huge amount of money.

Dedicated server hosting is where an entire server and its resources like memory, RAM and storage are available for the use of just one site.

Virtual private server hosting or VPS is where a single server is partitioned into several virtual servers with resources on each virtual unit being allocated for the use of the site being hosted on that virtual server.

Shared server hosting is where a single server is shared by several sites with server resources being available to all the sites.

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