Cheap and Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Japan

 Japan Dedicated Server

Japan Dedicated Server

Onlive Server gives fully managed Japan Dedicated Servers hosting services from our data centers in Tokyo, Japan. We give the crude pull you interest for your processor-escalated and circle I/O-serious workloads. These Japan dedicated servers accompany the most finish bundle of standard elements and administrations. You will have complete control over your servers with root access. Onlive Server offers you Japan Dedicated Servers at a very Cheapest price than other with a lots of features. We generally provide you your own private server with complete control of server configuration and root access permission so you can easily do any changes which you want to do without others permission. Our Servers are ultimate in speed, flexibility, High-Bandwidth Servers and performance with 24×7 hours technical support team. It gives you 4Core в 2.5 GHz processor, up to 32 GB RAM and up to 2 TB HDD which can easily store and process your huge amount of data.

Japan Dedicated Servers

Processor / Cores / Speed – Japan Servers Monthly Action
Dedicated Server Japan Japan – DSX1 Server – Single Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 (4 Cores, 3.50 GHz) $169 Japan server hosting
Dedicated Server Japan Japan – DSX2 Server – Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 (6 Cores, 2.40 GHz) $169 Japan server hosting
Dedicated Server Japan Japan – DSX3 Server – Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 (10 Cores, 2.30 GHz) $179 Japan server hosting

Dedicated Server Japan

Onlive Server provides Japan Dedicated Server and our 7 year expertise in handling Dedicated Server Japan ensures that our customers do not need technical know-how to manage their servers. Our services include updating software, 24/7 secure monitoring and customer support, Dedicated Servers Japan and proactive response to any attacks or problems.

Why Choose Japan Dedicated Server

Our Technical support team is very dedicated towards their work and they will help you any time regarding any issue so you can contact us anytime 24×7 hours if you face any problem via telephone or email we will quickly respond you. Onlive Server support both Linux Japan Dedicated Server as well as Windows Japan Dedicated Server with 99.99% guaranteed uptime to your network and provide firewall arrangements for security purpose to protect from harmful sites to save your server’s lifecycle. Japan Dedicated Server coordinating your business needs, business plan, and future business objectives. At last Onlive Server makes your web hosting through its servers very easy and fast at Cheapest price. Onlive Server is leading Cheap Dedicated Server Japan for Web Hosting, VOIP, Business Mail Server, Storage Server, Development Projects, Gaming Servers for Databases and etc.  Aside from a colossal rundown of elements and least costs you get a complete control over your devoted server with a not insignificant rundown of web instruments. The best thing is you get all the oversaw administrations inside of this cost. Overseen administrations like full server administration, week after week move down, week after week OS upgrades, all day, every day execution observing, rebooting, programming and different applications establishment & investigating inside of a matter of minutes. The best arrangement is thumping at your doorstep.


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