Virtualmin Control Panel

Virtualmin is also one of the most important website control panels that are basically used to develop & manage domains and server hosting. Virtualmin Control Panel is the best alternative for Cpanel. Onlive Server offers Virtualmin web hosting control panel for the users at a very affordable price rate.

The Virtualmin control panel is considered as the Webmin module that is created for managing numerous virtual hosts via a single interface like Cpanel and PleskCP. This is support MySQL databases, BIND DNS domains, Apache virtual hosts and aliases. Virtualmin can generate Webmin user for every virtual server who is just limited to manage his domain & its files. The control features of existing Webmin module access are employed and established automatically to restrict the user accordingly.

Virtualmin Support

Onlive Server a reputed server hosting company that provides the wide range of control panel software with multiple hosting plans. If you want to use a higher specification control panel or free control panel with their hosting plans. You can visit, where you will get both operating systems at a very affordable price. The company provides most of the Virtualmin Control Panel at a very lowest price as well as some of absolutely free. So, if you need any kind suggestion or query as well as want to solve any server related issue, call our technical support team. That is a highly experienced and fully trend.

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