Google Cloud Hosting Platform

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular public cloud computing services that are offered by Google. The Google Cloud platform includes the wide range of server hosting services such as storage, hosting, storage, networking, big data, machine learning, and the internet as well as cloud management including security and developer tools.

The core googles cloud computing Platform includes:

(IaaS): – that stands for infrastructure-as-a-service. It provides virtual machine instances for workload hosting.

(PaaS): – that stands for platform-as-a-service. It is offering software developers access to Google’s scalable hosting. Developers can use software developer kit (SDK) to develop their software and run on App Engine.

Google Cloud Storage: – It is a cloud storage platform where all the designer, unstructured data sets storage options. Basically, it includes Cloud Datastore for NoSQL, Cloud SQL for MySQL, full storage and Google’s native Cloud Big table database.

Now the Google Cloud Platform offers application development and integration services that are highly suitable for Google Cloud Pub/Sub and real-time messaging service. As well as Google Cloud Platform Endpoints also allows developers to create services based RESTful APIs. And the other offerings include Anycast DNS servers, direct network interconnections, load balancing, monitoring and logging services.

Google also provides higher-level services such as Google Cloud IoT Core, Which is managed services that allow all users to consume and manage their data from IoT devices.