cPanel Hosting

Boost your online presence with 10 Gbps Cloud Linux Web Server,
high-class security & 24×7 technical support from a reliable &
trusted Indian web hosting company.

  • Free Weekly Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Imunify360 Antivirus
  • WordPress Toolkit

    What is cPanel Hosting and how does it work?

    cPanel hosting is a shared hosting service that stores multiple websites on a single server. Each website shares the server’s resources (disk space, data transfer, CPU, memory, etc.). Users have access to their web hosting account primarily through a control panel (cPanel), but not to the server on which their account is hosted. The web hosting service provider is responsible for the overall management and maintenance of the server.

    cPanel Web Hosting Plan


    Standard Linux Cpanel Hosting

    • One Domain Hosting
    • Free Cpanel
    • Free SSL for all Domains
    • 5 GB SSD Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited FTP
    • Unlimited MySQl Database
    • SSD Server

    Business Linux Cpanel Hosting

    • 10 Domains Hosting
    • WHM/Cpanel
    • Free SSL for all Domains
    • 60 GB SSD Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited FTP
    • Unlimited MySQl Database
    • SSD Server

    Reseller Linux Cpanel Hosting

    • 20 Domains Hosting
    • WHM/Cpanel
    • Free SSL for all Domains
    • 150 GB SSD Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited FTP
    • Unlimited MySQl Database
    • SSD Server
    cPanel hosting with

    Advanced Features

    SSH access

    SSH access to the server can be managed through cPanel. Secure Shell is the acronym for SSH. It’s a method of gaining access to Linux/Unix systems. You can use SSH to connect to the webserver and use the Command Line Interface (CLI). SSH is also used to transmit files.

    Mod Security

    Mod Security is a firewall for online applications. It continuously scans incoming web traffic for risks, preventing harmful connections from reaching apps.


    IMUNIFY360 Is a complete LINUX WEB SERVER Security solution. Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management, and Domain Reputation all come with an intuitive user interface and sophisticated automation.

    Lets encrypt SSL

    Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority (CA) that provides free SSL certificates with the same level of security as purchased certificates.

    A trustworthy certificate for a domain can be obtained for free by anyone who owns that domain. During the server’s native installation or configuration process, the entire certificate enrolment process is painless. In the background, the renewal happens automatically. There are no fees, no validation emails, and certificates are automatically renewed.


    Softaculous is built into cPanel and takes less than two minutes to install. Softaculous and cPanel are tightly connected, and your users have access to 381 apps. Softaculous manages the application’s whole lifecycle, from installation to backup and update.

    WordPress Toolkit

    WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich administration interface for installing, configuring, and managing WordPress websites. You may clone your site and build up a staging environment for your experiments, new features, and fresh ideas with WordPress Toolkit. When you’re ready, you can sync to production.

    Highlights of cPanel Web Hosting

    There are a lot of features in this product.

    • cPanel – Benefits of Web Hosting: Unlimited sites, FREE migration, FREE SSL, FREE backups, and super-fast, SSD storage are all included, as well as experienced 24-hour support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Security: Install FREE SSL on all of your websites, set access restrictions, password-guard your directories, and protect your websites from harmful activities.
    • Unlimited Domains: From within cPanel, you can add an unlimited number of domains, each with its own website, set up subdomains, and control your DNS.
    • File Management Made Simple: Using our built-in file manager, you can safely upload, download, and manage your files. There’s no need to set up a complicated FTP manager.
    • Email Made Simple: Create an unlimited number of mailboxes, forwarders, autoresponders, and filters at the user level. Our email filters block spam and malware, and our webmail client allows you to access your email from anywhere.

    Manage Your Web Hosting with the Capability of cPanel

    The cPanel interface enables your customers to manage their website, intranet and other online assets in a variety of ways. You can manage your web hosting from anywhere, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, using cPanel’s customizable interface.

    Powerful Dashboard

    cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server using a human-friendly web-based interface. This is especially popular with shared hosts. Our cPanel dashboard makes it easy to access your web hosting. It’s easy to use and mobile-friendly, so you can manage your hosting from almost anywhere!

    Calendar and Email Management

    With powerful email and calendar capabilities built into cPanel and WHM, you can keep your customers connected. They can use our software to set up new email accounts, share calendars, and receive varying levels of spam protection.

    File Management, Transfer and Backup

    Instead of messing with FTP, use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface in your cPanel dashboard to upload and manage your files.

    Domain management

    Give your tech-savvy site owners the ability to control your domain network. Create aliases, create and remove subdomains, manage DNS zones, and lead site visitors to any of your online sites with this tool.


    There is no such thing as an unlimited budget. This is just a marketing ploy. Many providers offer unlimited storage, but if you read their terms and conditions, you will find that it is subject to a fair use policy. If you use too much storage, you may be suspended.

    As long as you have enough space in your account, you can send an unlimited number of emails. For example, if you have a 10 GB plan, you have 10 GB for everything – hosting your website, databases, creating mailboxes, and so on.

    Yes, you may always upgrade to a more expensive plan. Even whether it’s only for a day or six months. Your current payment will be prorated based on the amount of time you have left.

    Every domain you add to your hosting account will receive a free SSL certificate. This is true even for subdomains.

    Yes, we are able to relocate your website. It’s totally costless! There will be no time for rest or relaxation. Simply open a support case with your previous cPanel passwords or a full account backup obtained from the old cPanel after making your purchase.

    Yes, for at least the next three years, prices will remain unchanged.

    Our shared hosting servers are located in France, Canada and the USA. Our VPS hosting servers are spread globally in more than 30 countries. Providing fast lookup time from anywhere.