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Processors ModelCPU CoreCPU SpeedRAMStorageBandwidthProvisioningCostLocationAction
AMD Quadcore4 Cores / 8 Threads3.0Ghz+ 16 GB1 TB SATA1Gbit Port: 15TB0 to 48 Hrs$79/MonthUSAOrder Now
AMD Sexcore 6 Cores / 6 Threads2.7Ghz+ 16 GB1 TB SATA1Gbit Port: 20TB0 to 48 Hrs$89/MonthUSAOrder Now
Dual Intel Xeon 54208 Cores / 8 Threads2.5Ghz 16 GB2x1 TB HDD1Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$121/MonthUSAOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1220v14 Core / 4 Threads3.4Ghz32 GB240 GB SSD1Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$121/MonthUSAOrder Now
Dual Intel Xeon 563912 Cores / 24 Threads2.13Ghz32 GB2x 2TB SATA1Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$180/MonthUSAOrder Now
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v116 Core / 32 Threads3.3Ghz64 GB480GB SSD1Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$259/MonthUSAOrder Now
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v116 Core / 32 Threads3.3Ghz96 GB960GB SSD10 Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$399/MonthUSAOrder Now
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v116 Core / 32 Threads3.3Ghz128 GB2x 2TB SSD10 Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$499/MonthUSAOrder Now
Quad Intel Xeon E7-486040 Core / 80 Threads2.67Ghz256 GB4x 2TB SAS10 Gbit Port: 30TB0 to 48 Hrs$999/MonthUSAOrder Now

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

In today’s business world the selection of a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is our first requirement. On behalf of best hosting services, only we can bring new changes and grow our business. Before the selection, we should be aware of the nature of our website and hosting facilities, which it need. There are lots of web hosting service provider in the market, which provide web-hosting services on the base of our business demand, Onlive Server is one among them. Usually, we see Dedicated Hosting services become very costly and it is very difficult to purchase if we have a small level business. However, we offer the dedicated hosting server facility at cheapest price so that every business class can take the benefits of it. It provides us many web hosting services which easy to use as well affordable in price with lots of advance & quality features. Apart from price, it gives high performance, large storage space, increased RAM, network availability, high Server Security and much more. It gives an ideal hosting service for our business website and categories all the hosting services on behalf of their price according to customer’s business need. So, now each and every business person can easily afford our dedicated hosting server facility and enjoy the benefits of it.

Improved and Advanced Security :

Security is an essential and important point for any website without it we cannot imagine a powerful website. As we know in today’s world there are lots of unwanted software application are there which can hack your website and access your important data. Therefore, for security purpose, we added advance Firewall security that protects your server from unauthorized access and unwanted software or applications. Besides Server security, it also gives us the disaster recovery solution of data. To protect your server’s data from the disaster we regularly take the back of it and keep it safe far from your own data center so that in case of any disaster you can easily recover your server’s data and don’t face the loss of data.

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