Vesta Control Panel is also an open-source control panel which is available free of cost. Basically, Vesta Control Panel has some of the important function to represent a clear and simple user-friendly design as well as easy minimalistic usability of various significant.

Major Benefits of VestaCP

  • Vesta CP is a well-equipped tool with the best range of features
  • License on GL
  • Clean and simple graphical UI (User Interface)
  • DKIM support feature
  • Auto update
  • Antivirus/Antispam
  • Fast backups feature
  • System monitoring and SSL certificates

This panel also has open-sourced control panel that comes with few 3rd integrations and plugins. This tool is very lightweight that makes it probable to deploy.

Manage Your Server Hosting by VestaCP

VestaCP has good features. When you want to use a user-friendly and free web panel then Vesta control panel is the best option. VestaCP is a right tool for managing Linux based server.
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