Vesta Control Panel is also an open-source control panel that is available for free. The Vesta Control Panel has some of the vital functions to represent a clear and simple user-friendly design as well as easy minimalistic usability of various significant.

Major Benefits of the Vesta Control Panel

Vesta CP is a well-equipped tool with the best range of features

  • License on GL
  • Clean and simple graphical UI (User Interface)
  • DKIM support feature
  • Auto update
  • Antivirus/Antispam
  • Fast backups feature
  • System monitoring and SSL certificates
  • This panel also has an open-sourced control panel with a few 3rd integrations and plugins. This tool is very lightweight, which makes it possible to deploy.

    Manage Your Server Hosting by VestaCP

    VestaCP has good features. When you want to use a user-friendly and accessible web panel, then the Vesta control panel is the best option. VestaCP is the right tool for managing Linux-based servers.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Vesta Control Panel

    Vesta control panel or VestaCP is an open-source control panel that is considered one of the best alternatives to the most popular web control panel called cPanel. The frequent updates and security offered by VestaCP perfectly match those of cPanel. One of the best things about VestaCP is that it is available completely free of cost. Since most website owners clearly understand cPanel, shifting to VestaCP might be a bit doubtful despite the cost-saving benefit that comes with the use of VestaCP. Some of the most frequently asked questions about VestaCP are as follows:

    1. How to install the Vesta control panel?

    The VestaCP operates under different operating systems, including Debian 7, 8 and 9, CentOS 5, 6 and 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 and 18.10. Several prerequisites need to be installed before going for VestaCP. The prerequisites for Ubuntu include gnupg1, gnupg 2 and gnupg along with curl.

    There are two ways of installing the control panel: executing commands or navigating to the VestaCP site and filling out the advanced installation settings form. However, even this option comes with the rule of following different commands for the installation to occur correctly.

    1. How to use the Vesta control panel?

    Once you have installed the control panel on your system, you must log in using the link provided during installation. What you will find on login will ultimately depend on who you have logged in as.

    1. What is the VestaCP user interface like?

    The VestaCP user interface can be used very easily.

    1. What are the different options available?

    If you are logged in as Admin, there are different options available in the menu, which include Package for defining the abilities other panels will be having; IP option for configuring several IP addresses; Graphs showing how the server performs visually for different elements; Statistics offering a brief understanding of the active account; Log showing server updates; Firewall allowing users to configure ports; Updates showing recent updates and White section showing the activities of the Admin user.