USA Dedicated Server

USA Dedicated Server

USA Dedicated Server

When you lease a Dedicated Server USA location and oversaw by Onlive Server. you may utilize the complete equipment execution and server association of your leased server framework. Due to this unified server execution, a Cheap USA Dedicated Server is your decision for all aggressive and expert tasks. Contingent upon the model, you get a substantial to vast measure of circle space, CPU force and memory, giving you all that you requirement for your venture. Run of the mill applications perfect for dedicated servers incorporate asset serious web ventures sites. With heaps of database inquiries and also gushing and download entrances. Web gamers are likewise prone to encounter the best execution with a USA dedicated server. Onlive Server offers dedicated servers with root access of oversaw Dedicated Servers USA. With every one of our items you have complete opportunity to dealt with your USA Dedicated Server to your loving and introduce any projects on USA Dedicated Server. We don’t offer you web space bundles, yet rather establish servers as Manged USA Dedicated Servers. Every server has its own dedicated IPs manage, and you have the flexibility to look over different working framework conveyances. On the off chance that coveted, you additionally get the most recent rendition of WHM/cPanel for nothing for your server organization, or you can utilize cPanel for an extra charge (not accessible for some OS). Moreover, Onlive Server offers you numerous free elements – Manage information, utilize the bolster ticket framework, restart your server in Restore mode, and so forth.

Single Processor – USA Dedicated Servers

Single Processor – USA Servers Anti-DDOS Monthly Action
USA Dedicated Server USA Server – DSX1 – Intel Xeon E3-1620v2 (4×2.0GHz) USA Dedicated Servers $149 Order now
Dedicated Servers USA USA Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 (4×3.4 GHz) anti ddos $169 Order now
managed dedicated server USA Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 (4×3.4 GHz) dedicated server usa $189 Order now
cheap dedicated server usa USA Server – DSX4 – Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 (4×3.5 GHz) Anti ddos $209 Cheap Dedicated Servers
Cheap Dedicated Servers USA Server – DSX5 – Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 (4×3.5 GHz) Cheap Dedicated Servers $229 Order now
Cheap Dedicated Servers USA Server – DSX6 – Intel Xeon E3-1281v3 (4×3.7 GHz) Cheap Dedicated Servers $249 dedicated servers usa

Dual Processor – USA Dedicated Servers

Dual Processor – USA Servers Anti-DDOS Monthly Action
Cheap Dedicated Servers USA Server – DSX7 – Dual Xeon E5-2620v2 (12×2.1 GHz) Cheap Dedicated Servers $349 Order now
Dedicated Servers USA USA Server – DSX8 – Dual Xeon E5-2640v2 (16×2.0 GHz) Managed Dedicated Servers $449 Order now
USA Dedicated Server USA Server – DSX9 – Dual Xeon E5-2660v2 (20×2.20 GHz) Dedicated Servers $549 Order now

Why Choose USA Dedicated Server ?

Industry Leader
We’re here to do one thing: fulfill our customers. Also, it’s working. We give first class administration to more than 1000 clients (and checking) each day. Some portion of it originates from our sound and stable money related operations. And afterward there’s our span: more than 2,000 servers and about a large number of square meters of server farm space on various landmasses. Furthermore, obviously, keep in mind our “can-do” identities.

Shield Support
We’re specialists first. That implies we comprehend you need support from individuals who really get it when you require it, and mechanization apparatuses so you can take matters in your own hands. You won’t discover any non-specialized staff noting the telephone. Just prepared architects who care, don’t talk down to clients, and can resolve your issues quick. We’ve earned a notoriety for giving best-in-class 24x7x365 backing that you won’t effortlessly discover with other hosting suppliers. To such an extent, our clients prescribe us once a day. We’re focused on making life less demanding. You shouldn’t need to go anyplace else.

Pick Your Data Center Location
As of now, we have server farms for dedicated server USA, giving full between mainland differing qualities. This implies you can find your server nearest to your clients for better execution. Or reinforcement your information in a different area from your essential server. The open doors are interminable.

RapidFiber Network
Our system limit surpasses 10Gbps, which gives a velocity and availability that surpasses most by far of our rivals. Don’t simply take our pledge for it either. Look at the opposition and see with your own eyes.

Come Scale With Us
You need to construct a developing business while never exceeding your business hosting supplier. With us, that is one less thing to stress over. We give the most versatile hosting environment for new companies. and little to moderate size organizations prepared to blast on the web. We compass the globe. How enormous would you like to be?

100% Network Uptime Guarantee
Each business hosting provider asserts this or something like it, however we’ll put our cash where our mouth is and offer credit for any downtime. We exist to offer your business some assistance with running better. That is the reason we consider system uptime and execution important. We’re just upbeat when you’re terminating on all chambers.

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