IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Services basically provides both types of the platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With the IBM Cloud platform of IaaS,  function organizations can deploy and access virtualized IT resources. Such as compute power, storage, and networking. PaaS, which is an open source Service that is used to create, manage, run and deploy various types of applications as well as public local or on-premises environments.  It tools also provide the various programming languages, such as Java, Node.js, PHP and Python and many more languages.

Products and Services:

It is providing the accessibility to access other IBM tools and services, including IBM Watson and Cloud Functions.

IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

The IBM Cloud lists include 170 services, including:

Compute – Here are available various compute resources including bare-metal servers, virtual servers, serverless computing, and containers.

Network – IBM Cloud networking provide load balancer, a content delivery network (CDN) and virtual private network (VPN) tunnels.

Storage – IBM Cloud networking services provide an object, block and file storage for cloud data.

Management – IBM Cloud networking services also provide tools to manage and monitor cloud deployments, such as those for log analysis, automation, and Infrastructure as Code.

Security – it has also Includes services for activity tracking, identity and access management, and authentication monitoring service.

Analytics – IBM Cloud networking services offer data Analytics tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and IBM Watson Machine for Analysis streaming data.

Important Facts:

IBM cloud services are a complete suite of cloud computing solutions that provide both IaaS and PaaS or infrastructure as a service and platform as a service respectively. By going for IBM Cloud IaaS, companies can get easy access to virtualized IT environments and resources like networking, storage and computing power on the internet. With the PaaS services from IBM cloud, developers can create, manage, operate and use different varieties of apps for public cloud and even for on-premises and local environments. Some frequently asked questions about IBM cloud services are as follows:

What are the different programming languages supported by IBM Cloud?

IBM Cloud supports different programming languages like Node.js, Java, Python and PHP while also extending to offer support for various other programming languages.

What are IBM Cloud services and products?

IBM cloud services and products include IBM tools including IBM Cloud Functions and IBM Watson for server-less computing. IBM Cloud include:

  • Storage: Provides file, block and object storage for cloud data.
  • Compute: Provides different computing resources which include virtual servers, bare metal servers and server-less containers and computing on which companies can easily host their work pressure.
  • Management: Offers tools for managing and monitoring cloud deployments like the ones for automation, IaC or Infrastructure as Code and log analysis.
  • Network: Offers cloud networking solutions like load balancer, VPN or virtual private network firewalls and tunnels and CDN or content delivery network.
  • Data management: Offers NoSQL and SQL databases along with migration tools and data querying.
  • Security: Offers services for access and identity management, authentication and activity tracking.

What are IBM Cloud deployment models?

There are basically two deployment models offered by IBM Cloud and they are Public and dedicated. Public cloud offers access to virtualization technology in servers within multi-tenant settings. Dedicated cloud is single-tenant private server hosted in a data center.