India VPS Hosting

India VPS Hosting

India VPS server hosting is the ideal answer for customers hoping to have the force and security of a dedicated server, at a small amount of the expense. We utilize KVM virtualization programming on the greater part of our VPS hubs. This stunning programming partitions a devoted server into little pieces each apportioned a set measure of memory and hard drive space. These are virtual web servers every going about as their own particular server. Each of these pieces considers itself to be its own particular server. It is unimaginable for any client on a VPS hub to access different clients records or to utilize a larger number of assets than they are dispensed. You are ensured to have the capacity to utilize the assets you pay for. We don’t oversell our VPS hubs, not at all like most different VPS hosting suppliers.

India VPS Hosting Plan

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
India VPS Custom11 GB 30 GB SSDUnlimited1 Noida, India$19.00
India VPS X11 GB30 GB SSDUnlimited1 Noida, India$19.00
India VPS Y22 GB60 GB SSDUnlimited1 Noida, India$35.00
India VPS Z4 4 GB120 GB SSDUnlimited1Noida, India$67.00

Why should you choose India VPS Server?

If you want to host a website, VPS hosting is the best way to do at a very affordable price. If you want to host your website in India then Onlive Server offers you a cheap VPS server which is affordable to all business class. If you choose India Virtual private server hosting then we give you root access permission and full control over your server so that you can easily install or uninstall the software according to your need. You can also run your own working framework and introduce any product you require in the server.

We generally offer you both Linux and Windows web hosting servers so that it will easy for you to choose the operating system according to your requirement. India VPS hosting is open source software so there is no need for a license for this software and it reduces the cost by a huge margin and Windows Hosting Servers are based on the .net framework are used for large websites and complicated applications which can be run very easily with windows framework and provides customized set up. Our Indian servers are also safe from security purpose as our technical support team always monitor the server.


Hosting your server in India puts your Onlive Server website near much of the U.S. and Canadian populations. This means fast loading speeds for your visitors and good.


A VPS server gives you full control and flexibility. You can choose your ideal server specs and operating system. You have root access to install any software or make any configurations you need.


servers in India are competitively priced. You can find high-performance, enterprise-level servers for budget-friendly rates.


It’s easy to upgrade to more powerful servers as your needs grow. You can scale storage, memory, bandwidth, and other resources with a quick server switch or by adding additional servers.


India data centers are built to high standards, with redundant power, cooling, and

Network connectivity

Your server will have
maximum uptime
and stability.


India is a significant Internet hub with many bandwidth providers
and ISPs.


You can deploy servers in multiple India data centers or split resources between India and other locations for extra redundancy. This geo-diversity helps ensure maximum uptime even in a local power outage or network issue.

In summary, choosing a VPS server in India is an excellent solution if fast connectivity, reliability, and affordability are priorities for your business. With full customization and easy scalability, a India VPS server provides a robust foundation to power your web presence.

All of our services are fully managed, which means Onlive Server oversees the set up of your server, security, data transfers, management of pre-installed software, operating system and any troubleshooting along the way. Fully Managed Services are ideal for companies with limited IT staff, technical knowledge, or time available for server management. VPS servers are virtualization of dedicated servers where those web clients who are not fit to manage the high cost of India Dedicated servers can strive for VPS and get complete root access of server. Site crash, slow speed, load offset Issue are a percentage of the variables which are confronted by sites when they are developing. Appreciate the abilities of an India Dedicated server inside the secured hosting environment. Host your site on India VPS Server to effortlessly transfer different records, deal with numerous areas, and easily run different other critical tasks.

Why India VPS Hosting?

  1. Localization: Hosting a server closer to your audience can drastically reduce the latency and result in faster load times.
  2. Compliance: By hosting in India, businesses can comply with local regulations and laws related to data storage and privacy.
  3. Customization and Control: VPS hosting allows for greater control over your server environment. This can be ideal for developers or businesses with specific needs.

How to Choose the Right Plan?

When selecting an India VPS, consider the following:

  • Business Needs: Understand what your website or application needs in terms of resources. This includes CPU cores, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Operating System: Choose between Linux and Windows based on your specific application requirements.
  • Budget: Compare different plans and ensure they fall within your budget without compromising the quality.
  • Support and Security: Ensure the provider offers robust security features and around-the-clock support to assist with any issues.
  • Scalability: Look for providers that offer easy scalability to grow along with your business.

Consider Alternative Options

While Onlive Server might be a good option, always consider alternative providers to ensure you are getting the best deal for your specific needs. Reviews, testimonials, and comparisons can provide insights into the reliability and quality of different hosting providers.


Onlive Server India VPS seems to provide a range of benefits, from increased speed to enhanced security and scalability. However, as with any business decision, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re an individual developer or a growing company, the decision to invest in VPS hosting could indeed take your online presence to the next level. Don’t hesitate to seek expert opinions if you have more specific questions related to your unique situation.

Frequently asked questions

Ans. You have root access, which means you have full administrative control of your server. You can choose to install any software you need on your server and manage every aspect of your server.

Ans. Your server will be given immediately after the order has been triggered.

Ans: Our guaranteed response time is 15-20 minutes.

Ans. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a private server in a multi-domain environment. It gives you completely separated space, not shared with anyone, to provide you better speed, security, and reliability.

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