UAE Dedicated Server Hosting

UAE Dedicated Server Hosting is considered as a rendition of web hosting that infers a physical server foundation. It principally alludes to a sort of web hosting that offers a different arrangement with full control over server configurations. Under Dedicated server UAE hosting, business elements contract or purchase a full indicated server with no common component, which implies business bodies have full control over the working framework, outsider applications, data transmission, stockpiling, speed, and so forth and does not impart any element to any other person. Onlive Server, the conspicuous supplier of devoted server in Dubai, gives oversaw and fully managed web hosting server arrangements in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE area. We particularly manufacture our facilitating bundles as per the need of business firms, which implies, you can redo your server details according to you’re required.

UAE Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

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NameProcessorRAMHarddiskBandwidthIPLocationMonthly Price
UAE Dedicated - DSX2Intel Xeon E3-1230v2, - 3.70 GHz, 4 Core16 GB256 GB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$165.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX72x Intel Xeon E5-2620, - 2.50 GHz, 12 Core64 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$579.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX1Intel Xeon E3-1230, - 3.60 GHz, 4 Core8 GB256 GB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$135.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX102x Intel Xeon E5-2680, - 3.50 GHz, 16 Core128 GB2 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$1158.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX3Intel Xeon E5-2620, - 2.50 GHz, 6 Core32 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$299.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX82x Intel Xeon E5-2630, - 2.80 GHz, 12 Core64 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$677.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX92x Intel Xeon E5-2650, - 2.80 GHz, 16 Core64 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$743.00
UAE Dedicated – DSX4Intel Xeon E5-2630, - 2.80 GHz, 6 Core32 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$351.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX5Intel Xeon E5-2650, - 2.80 GHz, 8 Core64 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$415.00
UAE Dedicated - DSX6Intel Xeon E3-2680, - 3.50 GHz, 8 Core64 GB1 TB SSD100 MbpsOne IP AddressDubai, United Arab Emirates$546.00

Onlive Server provides Dedicated Server UAE

Our 8 year expertise in handling Dedicated Server UAE ensures that our customers do not need technical know-how to manage their servers. Our services include updating software, 24/7 secure monitoring and customer support, Dedicated Server UAE, and proactive response to any attacks or problems. we have answers for your business necessities, that is the reason we offer oversaw facilitating for physical devoted servers, half and half servers, and virtual dedicated servers UAE. Our dedicated server UAE hosting is profoundly recommendable not on the grounds that we lead the business but rather in light of the fact that we offer the best suitable answers for your business. At Onlive Server, we have the best quality, ultra-quick, solid, versatile, and 99.99% of uptime at an extreme financial expense. Quality by method for arrangements and most recent innovations, dependability as far as better arrangements, versatility alludes to the redesigning element

We understand your need with UAE Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers you UAE Dedicated Hosting Servers at the cheapest price which is affordable for all business class whether it is medium or small. When you pick UAE Dedicated Server Hosting, you get 100% dedicated and secured assets that are locked in for checking and controlling the exhibitions of your business site or applications. With a Dubai Dedicated Server, submitted for your business site, you can rest guaranteed of continuous administrations. You get an opportunity to streamline the product in light of your correct prerequisites. You can decide precisely what you require in the underlying stage, and later on, modify that as needs are. For example, you can begin an application with an MS SQL express release, and later on, you can move up to some propelled rendition of the database, similar to that of MS SQL STD.

Give improved data transmission with Dubai Dedicated Server

The term transmission capacity essentially alludes to the association between a server and the clients, and to the procedure of information exchange and the uplink speed. As you will utilize the dedicated server for taking care of the mission basic operations of your business and running applications and sites that are intensely stacked, we guarantee it accompanies gigantic measure of data transmission with the goal that it can perform as indicated by your desires. We likewise guarantee that the server has to make utilization of some powerful systems through a mix of transfer speed as this helps our customers accomplish enhanced level of repetition and a significantly stable up-time.

Here Some FAQ

What types of software can one buy?

This is the most frequently asked question that we get from a bunch of clients. Software isn’t like hardware and therefore are quite flexible and customizable as per the client’s need. With Onlive Dedicated server in use, one can install all types of software and all the software as per his needs. It is indeed considered to be one of the prominent factors why audience chooses the Onlive server. However, it also depends on the kind of hosting that one takes up. Many hosting sites restrict the use of certain software as per their deal.

What processor is being used for the servers?

Our mentors have always taught us to find the best from the best for our clients. The processor needs to be of good quality in order to make sure that there isn’t any problem with the functioning of the server. Therefore, we prefer to go with Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 and Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 and Intel Xeon E5-2680v4 varying as per the package you choose. This shows that we care more about the quality than making wholesome money.

How does Dedicated Server benefit me as your partner?

A dedicated server for quite a few time is being considered as one of the best servers to find across the globe. It not only opens up new portals for you but also keeps you competitively ahead from others making sure you get the best of the best and can take a leap over your competitors.

How can you unsuspend your account?

Getting your account suspended is one of the worse things to happen. At Onlive Server usually, small matters are let to slip out of hands but if it’s serious then the only action like suspending the account is taken up. However, getting your account recovered won’t be that big an issue because following the procedures is all one needs to take care of. All the steps mentioned have to be focused on so that none of them are missed.

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