Server Hosting Company/ March 21, 2017/ Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting

Major Advantage of our South Korea Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers quick and solid processor with a decision of 4 GB – 16 GB RAM and transfer speed of 5TB – 100 TB and a wide assortment of Inter Processors. Our South Korea Dedicated Server is good with a wide range of Operating Systems incorporating Windows and Linux. These sorts of servers are best utilized for hosting dedicated servers for games and for other applications, Websites with colossal movement and massive databases. As indicated by our customers, one of the best components of our dedicated servers is our N+2 excess. It implies that in desperate circumstances of crisis or when there is any equipment disappointment we generally guarantee that we are all around stacked with all our gear so we can swap the equipment for your server at the earliest. Onlive Server meets all costs borne from these trades. We offer a scope of metered and unmetered servers in South Korea. Our Datacenters in South Korea are furnished with industry standard fitness which incorporates exceptionally quick network, immaculate security, endless power reinforcement frameworks and other included extras. Take a gander at the rundown of pre-set metered South Korea dedicated servers and on the off chance that you can’t discover something you are searching for – you can simply tweak a server as indicated by your prerequisites. In the event that you are searching for savvy servers that supply greatest transfer speed, Onlive Server is the best choice.

Security and Dependability

With our Dedicated Server South Korea there is no need to worry about your server privacy and security issues which are a portion of the significant issues that sites frequently experience. Dedicated Server South Korea give ongoing checking and security reinforcement keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that data sent and shared online are sheltered and secured at all circumstances. From security purpose we also give firewall protection to your server as well our technical support team monitor your server all day and night. You can contact us during any server issue via telephone or email.