Australia VPS Hosting

Onlive Server offer strongest benefits of Australia VPS Server Hosting and these benefits have actually made VPS server hosting plans a top priority for the all business sites and in other countries as well. VPS Server hosting is the ideal solution for all sites that make use of resource-sensitive applications and for high traffic sites. There are large scale advantages that come from the use of dedicated servers in place of VPS server hosting.

Deploy Australia VPS Server Hosting

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
Australia VPS Custom 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1 Australia$20.00
Australia VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1Sydney, Australia$20.00
Australia VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1 Sydney, Australia$37.00
Australia VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSD4 TB1Sydney, Australia$71.00

Australian VPS Server Hosting

To start with, Australia VPS server hosting comes with the guarantee of offering more reliability in comparison to other VPS server hosting. The resources are not shared in VPS server hosting but they are limited for the users. However, conditions are worse for shared hosting users because resources tend to be shared among the users. This means that if any of the users take up a lot of resources, the other sites might get hugely affected. This will automatically slow down and have a major effect on the performance of the sites. With cheapest VPS server hosting, the resources remain dedicated to just one user which means that there is a complete guarantee of high up-time. The users have complete control on their resources and this is highly advantageous.

Advantages of Using Australia VPS Hosting

Australia VPS Server Hosting

Australia VPS Server Hosting

 Users have administrative access to their servers in Windows and Linux based VPS server hosting but they do not have root access where they get the flexibility of customizing their server settings and installing programs. If they want to do so, they will require extra bandwidth and space which is only possible with a VPS server hosting plan. Australia VPS Server also comes with the guarantee of amazing technical assistance along with quick response time for the users. The support comes from well-trained and experienced professionals. So, there are no delays and no technical glitches at the same time. All the technical issues faced by a website are solved in no time and thus the site that not suffer from downtime when hosted by our Australian based server hosting plans.


Q: What can I use VPS hosting services for?

Ans –  Besides hosting a website, VPS servers have a plethora of other uses. Even if you’re completely happy with your current hosting plan, you might also want to check out other types of VPS hosting scenarios. You can use VPS services for –

Hosting Your Own Personal Server
Testing New Applications
Additional File Storage

Q: What is the benefit of having a more virtual CPU?

Ans – Parallelizing the CPU/processor can ensure more performance. Virtual CPU is a time-dependent object. The virtual processor is more likely to be the amount of processing time spent on the CPU. If we use technical terminology, Virtual processors are mapped to the available logical processors on the physical computer and are programmed to Hypervisor software to allow you to have more virtual processors than logical processors.

Q: Does the geographical location of the server affect user experience?

Ans – Yes, geographical location can affect the user experience. It is advised to select the server nearer to your target audience. It can ensure faster loading of websites. When a user loads or opens a website, he or she passes from the data center of his or her host to the user through a passage of interconnected networks known as the Internet. In order to reach the user’s computer, the data is transmitted through the shortest, most effective network path on the Internet.

Q: Is there any downtime for my server?

Ans – No, there is no downtime for servers

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