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If you are working with the server for web configurations, then a powerful control panel will tend to save time and make you work in a professional manner. A good control panel is regarded as the costly solution and hence it is very hard to configure a free product. In such situations, it is essential to accomplish everything manually. To solve the problem, the simple and yet powerful free control panel has been developed as Zpanel. Many people do not know what is ZPanel and how to install zpanel on centos 7 ? For such people, here is the detailed explanation of Zpanel with exciting features. ZPanel is considered as free to use web hosting Cpanel which is developed to work efficiently with Linux, Unix, MacOS and Microsoft Windows-based computers or servers. With this beneficial solution, you can easily turn up your professional or home server into fully-fledged, easy to manage and use a web hosting server. Onlive Server is best at offering Zpanel installation services like zpanel windows, zpanel centos in your business to meet up your web hosting needs.

What Can Zpanel Do?

ZPanel works in a similar way like the other control panels such as Cpanel. It can make use of it to easily manage every facet of web servers such as FTP, DNS, domains, MySQL databases, email accounts and more sophisticated configuration like managing quota’s and cron jobs. Zpanel works well than other competitors like Cpanel so you can employ it to develop reseller or other user accounts for people to use.

Features Of Zpanel

Zpanel is well-equipped completely with aid of open-source projects like Filezilla, PHP, MySQL, Apache and many others. You can able to manage FTP accounts, domain names, MySQL databases, Email boxes, DNS and domain names in a similar way to Cpanel or other control panels. There are many versions of Zpanel available which is developed with updated software. Similar to other famous control panel solutions, Zpanel delivers web API integration for the purpose of production. You can easily customize the product by making use of different modules to meet your actual needs.

Install Zpanel For Windows

Do you like to host your website on windows PC? It can be accomplished by anyone including your friends, colleagues, family members or any others. It is quite simple and easy to host a site on your own PC. Zpanel is the best solution to host your site on pc without any in-depth or advanced knowledge about these things. With simple control panel interface, one can create and manage the hosting server in few mouse clicks. This control panel software is available free so you can integrate with other open-source utilities to get better results.