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Dedicated Server Turkey with choice of versions for your Linux & Windows

Onlive Server Technology LLP offers Dedicated Server Turkey for your lots of advanced server applications. With us, you will have a choice of operating system and you will get your own Windows and Linux server according to your choice. We also provide lots of versions for your Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting and Windows, like for windows we have a choice of windows server from 2008 to 2013 and for Linux; we have the choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, and SUSE. Our dedicated server maintains the highest level of security and server uptime with server stability. Generally, we offer Linux hosting server, Windows hosting server and dedicated server for the game. We easily handle installation of any software by you, security upgrades, and monitoring of your whole server by our expert technical support team.

Root Access

We give you full root access or full control over your server so you can install or uninstall any software according to your need. So take the advantage of Custom windows as well Linux dedicated server with full remote access. In Linux dedicated server can also be used for your individual need due to its simple navigation and serviceability it is the most popular choice for the people. So we can say that dedicated server is the hosting service where a whole server is dedicated to a single person without any sharing with others and it is assigned to a person with memory space, storage space, CPU, and a unique IP address to the customer. You can use our dedicated hosting server for many purposes such as the server with maintain database, hosting your websites, servers for gaming, email servers and for much more. Basically, the Dedicated Server is used for the hosting of huge or complex websites as we know it’s very hard to maintain the database of any high traffic websites. So if you host your website on the dedicated server then your performance will not be affected by any other customer performance.

Dedicated features of Turkey Dedicated Server

Apart from hosting facility we provide you 24/7 Fanatical technical Support team, network uptime guarantee, hardware monitoring of your dedicated server, firewall security and VPS access to your server, high bandwidth and data backup performance, virus scanning of server, always available technical support team, monitoring of your server and device, custom configuration of server and many more with our Turkey Dedicated Server at an affordable price.