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Get the benefits of Fully Managed Russia VPS Hosting Services

To fulfill your business need Onlive Server Technology LLP offers you Russia VPS Hosting Server at the cheapest price with a lot of features. With our hosting server, you can easily fulfill your business need and start a new business. Our VPS hosting server is available at an affordable price but enriches with exclusive features as well very useful for your business strategies. Any business class whether it is small or medium can afford it as it is available in all prices. We can customize the server according to your needs and install all the mandatory software which you require for your business. Our hosting server is also safe from security purpose as we give you firewall protection which protects your server against malicious software like Trojan horses, scareware, viruses, worms and other malicious programs. To control your server by yourself we give you root access permission so you can do any modification in your server very easily. You can easily add or remove any software from your server. For your better server performance our technical support team always available and monitor your server all day and night. So whenever you face any problem you can contact them anytime whenever you need. Apart from that, we are also very careful about your server data. To secure your server data we regularly take the backup of your server data and keep it far from your own data center and during any disaster, you can easily recover it without ant data loss.

What features we provide you

Our VPS Hosting server includes Up to 4Core × 2.5 GHz, Up to 2 TB Bandwidth with 100 Mbps speed, up to 16 GB RAM to control your whole server as well up to 300 GB HDD storage device to store your huge amount of data. Generally, we use OPEN VZ (open virtualization technology) for Linux which allows your physical server to run on multiple operating systems as well virtual machine monitor (hyper-V) which is like software which creates and run the virtual machine. To fulfill your operating system demand we provide you the choice of operating system i.e. Linux and Windows. For Linux, we offer you Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE which support OPEN VZ and hyper-V as well for Windows we give you the choice of windows server from 2008 to 2012 which is totally based on the .net framework and support all windows applications.

About Server Hosting Company

Onlive Server is a leading Server Hosting Company provide Cheap and best server hosting plans for more than 35 countries. Available all server hosting plans like Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS server hosting. Managed Dedicated Servers: Onlive Server is giving fully managed Dedicated Servers, Linux and windows VPS and Cloud Servers.