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Cheapest linux Based VPS Server Hosting

Cheapest linux based VPS Server Hosting can Increasing online Business. Our company provide web hosting services at affordable prices. Here you will be safe from viruses, malware attacks. This economical hosting model is best-suite to clients. We providing more individual hosting plans to our customers with complexities and needs. Do you have full access to your servers and resources? You want privacy for your websites and applications. If you want to run specific OS and application, then you should use our hosting plans. Here you can select our Best VPS Server Hosting and Cheap VPS Linux Server plans that will be help to determine your business goal.

Also here you will get full SSH / RDP Access with our Cheapest Linux VPS Server and VPS Server Hosting plans. Our hosting System provide Storage capacity, IP and Mailing Server Support all Windows and Linux OS & Easy to use Parallel Plesk / Cpanel.

We provide nearest data center facilities that meet the needs of customers. The will provide faster network services, effective features and benefits such as: High Performing, Ultra-Higher Speed of Internet, SSD & SSL Service, Daily Based Backup Service, Longer Stability, Fully DDoS Protected services.

Bandwidth and Scalability

  • 100 Mbps – Unlimited traffic

  • Add resources via the Control Panel

IP and Anti-DDoS protection

  • 1 IPv4 included (all ports open)

  • 1 IPv6 included (all ports open)

  • Protection included


  • Customer Area

  • RESTful API

  • KVM

  • Root access

Operating Systems

  • Bare metal operating systems

  • Desktop operating systems

  • Pre-installed CMS

  • E-commerce

  • Control panels

  • Development

Reboot and Reinstallation

  • Unlimited, via the Control Panel


  • The Control Panel gives you a detailed overview of your VPS

  • Self-healing Cloud

  • Deploy on demand

  • Enterprise-grade SAN

  • 1,000% SLA1

  • 24x7x365 support team

  • Root access

Also get hosting services with proper installation on CMS like: Java, censhare, Contentverse, Contegro, ExpressionEngine, Hyland OnBase ECM, CoreMedia WCM, DocLogix, dotCMS, Ektron CMS, Elcom CMS, OpenText Documentum, Episerver CMS, IBM Enterprise Content Management, Distribution, Kentico CMS, OpenText Teamsite, Jadu, Jahia Enterprise, Movable Type and many more.

We use a number of techniques, including logical security controls, dual authentication, biometric scanners, card key access points, anti-tailgate technology, and visitor escorts, with the best and robust security of customers. Lack of security can be devastating for business

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