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UAE VPS Hosting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Onlive Server Hosting Company now offering UAE VPS Server Hosting Plans with extraordinary features. Get VPS Server Hosting plans at very lowest price. The popularity of the Virtual Private Server is not only because you can afford it without shelling out much investment. The UAE Server Hosting is in demand mainly because of some of the particular functions that you cannot find in the cloud shared server in spite of its more expensive than the former. VPS Server is one of the aspects of the dedicated server that can be leased by the individual or by business to go for the private and exclusive environment concerning the computing. There are mainly two principal reasons why Cheap VPS Server in location is being hosted by the new and established business establishments alike. They are:

UAE VPS Hosting Plans

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
UAE VPS Custom1 1 GB 30 GB SSD1 TB1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates$24.00
UAE VPS X11 GB30 GB SSD100 GB (Included)1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$24.00
UAE VPS Y22 GB60 GB SSD100 GB (Included)1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$41.00
UAE VPS Z44 GB120 GB SSD100 GB (Included)1Dubai, United Arab Emirates$75.00

To take up the enormous inflow of the traffic and usage that can handle the high activity in any part of the time and host a crucial informative website. The deployment of the requisite amount of programs and platforms according to the changing scenario of the business requirement.

Why Choose UAE VPS Hosting

Onlive Server managed Dubai VPS Server Hosting is all custom assembled, secured, and streamlined out of the crate.

VPS Server in UAE is the gateway to the private hosting an environment which can be solitarily used for the specific function specialization arena of the purposes. Unlike the shared network, the dedicated server of VPS does not require you to go for sharing it with other users ensuring the transparent and hassle-free configuration.  The flexible environment involves the changing of various software and applications catering to the data inflow and function of the company. The VPS Server Hosting Company ensures that you have a compatible frequency for any kind of software or platform that you are using.

Controlling and customization are another USP of Best VPS Server where you have some control over the generation of data. The Cheap Server Hosting has a range of affordable plans to choose from according to your purpose, and you can definitely go for one of them.

Some of the main benefits of using a UAE VPS are:

Increased performance

Since you have dedicated resources, your website and applications load faster. There is no resource overloading as in shared hosting.

Enhanced security

Your VPS is isolated from other VPSs on the host. You have root access and control over the configurations so you can set up firewalls and take other security measures.


You have full control over the VPS so you can optimize the server for your specific needs. You can install any software, operating system, and configure the settings as needed.


If your resource needs increase, you can easily scale up your VPS by upgrading to a more powerful server. You can also add more VPSs and balance the load between them.


UAE VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting but provides more control and customization than shared hosting. So you get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Using a UAE VPS for Your Website

A UAE VPS, or virtual private server, offers many advantages for website hosting. Here are some of the main benefits of using a UAE VPS for your website.

Faster Load

With a UAE VPS, your website will load faster due to low latency and minimal bottlenecks. The server is located in the UAE, so visitors in the Middle East will experience fast load times. This results in higher visitor satisfaction, lower bounce rates and better search engine optimization. Quicker load times mean search engines can crawl your site more often, leading to higher rankings.

More Control and Flexibility

A UAE VPS gives you root access, allowing full control over the server. You can install any software you want and configure the server to suit your needs. This flexibility means you have more options to optimize your website and server performance. You’ll also have more control over security and can implement custom firewall rules.


Virtual private servers are housed in enterprise-level data centers with redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity. Your VPS is less prone to downtime and data loss. If one server fails, your VPS can quickly be moved to another physical server. This results in maximum uptime and reliability for your website.


UAE VPS hosting is very affordable. You’ll get the power and performance of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost. Only pay for the resources you need and scale up easily as your site grows. VPS hosting is ideal if you have outgrown shared hosting but aren’t quite ready for a dedicated server.

How a UAE VPS Improves Website Speed and Performance

Having a virtual private server (VPS) located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can significantly improve the speed and performance of your website.

A UAE VPS means your server is physically located in a data center in the UAE, close to your target audience. This proximity reduces latency – the time it takes for information to travel from the server to the end user. When your website files, database, and applications are hosted on a UAE VPS, local visitors experience faster page load times and a more responsive website.

Improved SEO

Fast page load speeds and low latency are important factors in search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Local search engines like Google prefer to rank websites that load quickly and provide a good user experience. By hosting your website on a UAE VPS, you are optimizing for users in that region and signaling to search engines that your site is relevant for searches from the UAE. Over time, this can help improve your local SEO rankings in the UAE.

Reliability and

UAE VPS servers are located in enterprise-level data centers with robust power, cooling, and network infrastructure. This type of stability and reliability is important for business-critical websites and applications. If your website experiences significant downtime or performance issues, it can damage your brand reputation, lose revenue, and impact user trust.

Root Access and Customization

A VPS gives you dedicated resources and root access so you have full control over the server. You can customize and optimize the server to suit your specific needs. This includes choosing your preferred operating system, software, and configurations. You can also scale your VPS up or down as your computing needs change.

Data Privacy and

Some businesses prefer to host customer data and applications in the UAE to meet local data privacy laws and regulations. A UAE VPS allows you to store data within the UAE, keeping it under the jurisdiction of UAE law. UAE data centers also implement the latest physical security and cybersecurity protections to help safeguard your servers and customer data.

Top UAE VPS Provider Onlive Server

Onlive Server is one of the best UAE VPS providers if you want faster website performance and loading speeds.
Here are a few reasons why you should consider an Onlive Server UAE VPS:

Superior Infrastructure

Onlive Server uses high-performance Dell servers with SSD storage, giving you enterprise-grade hardware infrastructure for your VPS. Their data centers have redundant power supplies, HVAC systems, and high-speed network connections for maximum uptime.

High Power CPU Options

Onlive Server offers VPS plans with CPU options ranging from 1 core to 32 cores so you can choose the right amount of power for your needs. More powerful CPUs mean faster loading speeds for resource-intensive websites and web apps. For most small to medium websites, a 4 to 8 core VPS should work great.

Varied OS Options

Onlive Server gives you a choice of Linux or Windows operating systems for your UAE VPS. Options include Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows Server. You can select an OS that you’re comfortable managing or that works well with your web framework or CMS.

Affordable Pricing

Considering the high performance, Onlive Server’s UAE VPS plans are very affordable. Plans start at just $24/month for 1 GB RAM, 1 core CPU, 20 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. Their most robust plan is only $75/month for 4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth.

24/7 Support

Onlive Server provides helpful and responsive 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email. Their support team can assist you with any issues related to your UAE VPS including initial setup, configuration changes, and troubleshooting technical problems.

Frequently asked questions

Ans: UAE VPS servers are very secure. They provide isolated virtual servers with dedicated resources, so you get strong security and privacy. Your data and applications are segregated from other users. UAE VPS servers also come with enterprise-level DDoS protection and firewalls to safeguard against cyber threats.

Ans: There are many advantages to using a UAE VPS:

  • Fast performance: UAE VPS servers deliver high speeds ideal for websites, web apps, and online stores. They reduce latency so your site loads quickly for visitors in UAE and the Middle East.
  • Reliability: UAE VPS servers have excellent uptime and redundancy. They utilize quality hardware and network infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Scalability: UAE VPS plans are flexible and scalable. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan as your needs change. Resources like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth can be adjusted on demand.
  • Control: You get full root access to install any software or applications you need. You have control over the operating system and all server settings.
  • Privacy: UAE VPS servers keep your data private and secure within the UAE for compliance with data protection laws like GDPR. Your information stays within the region.
  • Cost savings: UAE VPS hosting is very affordable. You get your own dedicated virtual server at a fraction of the cost of a physical dedicated server. Pricing starts at just $10/month.

Ans: UAE VPS servers provide full root access, so some technical knowledge is helpful. However, many providers offer managed UAE VPS hosting where they handle system administration tasks like security patches, software updates, and monitoring. This frees you up to focus on your web application or website. Some technical skills are still useful for installing software or apps on your VPS. But overall, managed UAE VPS hosting is suitable for beginners and pros alike.

Ans: VPS hosting is developed exclusively for the division in small portions of the efficient server. The sole disk space and memory are in each part. For people that look to start a new business, it is imperative. Hosting is the best alternative to provide the ideal service for businesses. Hosting the website on VPS provides many advantages. For companies to enhance their business, the hosting services provide this service. They support you to boost your business efficiency.

Ans: The user can work with the ideal server via the VPS server. The hosting server is fully secure. The professionals could provide you with satisfactory and guaranteed service. You can quickly move to an abundant resource and fulfill your requirements.The experts provide a hosting service for any business size. It helps you to space down and allows you to access the best plan. Hosting offers more advantages for an enterprise to quickly analyze and maintain databases.

Ans: Business owner that wants to personalize and install special applications on your server, and does not have to pay for or afford to manage. The VPS server is the perfect way to do so. VPS has all the features of the server.

Ans: VPS can easily host any website, including eCommerce website, content, media, and software. VPS consents to multiple applications that can be run on the same server as shared hosting with one another remotely. Still, VPS shares its services with other users.

Ans: UAE VPS comes with a broad range of highly scalable and flexible advantages for a business website. We provide you with data security, large storage, backups, unlimited bandwidth, root-level access, and dedicated resources.

Ans: Yes, Of course, if your website needs more resources due to which you are stuck somewhere because of limited resources you have so you can upgrade your UAE Server at any time just raise a ticket.

Ans: Dubai is the data center of UAE VPS.

Ans: No, if you want to increase your server RAM you have to only raise a ticket to our support department. They will increase your server RAM. Only you have to pay an extra amount for extra RAM.

Still have questions?

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