Ajenti Core is an open source and lightweight Graphics UI for the Linux server. Ajenti core is also quite similar to that of the Webmin module helping the server administrator for managing the remote server in a hassle-free manner. Many people do not know what is Ajenti as it is one of the most amazing modules that compare Ajenti along with powerful back-end features and it is also Python across the engine. Ajenti Core is the convenient highly modular with the extensible framework. Admin’s tool has the immense feature that would give you the secure and fast for managing the remote Linux box with the use of Ajenti. The Ajenti is like the everyday tool that is enabled with the web terminal, file manager, text editor and many other features. It is the highly modular as well as the extensible framework which is highly useful for different applications.

The feature of Ajenti:

It is the ultimate, reusable and streamlined framework to build the web interface to the high excellence. It have the number of plug-in software and system configuration to easily monitor and manage the purposes. Ajenti plugin lets you install or manage the major services like web server, Network monitoring service, DNS, mail server and many more features.

  • Ajenti Core – Ajenti Core is Python library in which the platform includes the HTTP server, plugin container as well as rocket engine
  • Ajenti Panel – Startup script with the set of the stock plug-in like file manager, service manager as well as network configuration

It is the control panel in system administration so that it would be easier to use, configure and administrate the short tasks in AWS instance. It is the light tool that has an intuitive interface enabling the responsive design.

  • Clean and well-documented interfaces
  • High performance
  • GUI based on the Google’s AngularJS
  • Embedded web server
  • Single-page AJAX-based frontend
  • Responsive layout
  • Twitter’s Bootstrap libraries
  • Security through sandboxing
  • Highly modular Python API
  • Frontend AngularJS-based framework
  • Stock remote APIs
  • SSL certificate authentication support
  • Full mobile and Tablet support
  • UI component set
  • Websockets engine
  • Notifications, modals and live updates
  • Pluggable authentication and authorization

Building web interfaces:

It is the streamlined, powerful and reusable framework to build the web interface for all kinds of applications. Whether you are looking for the computerized industrial appliances or building network hardware, It is one of the strongest web-UI for all the applications to work easily. Ajenti Core is a highly extensible and modular framework.