Are you looking for the extensible and complete solution for managing your services globally, you can opt for core-admin. It is useful to know what is Core-Admin because it brings you many benefits. Core Administrative Services is one of the most outstanding and efficient solutions used for managing the servers without any challenges. With this solution, you can easily connect the end users with the resources of your server. The important thing about this solution is that it does not include any complex procedures. Instead, it allows you to complete the task with less number of clicks. It not only brings you some benefits but also let you get an international view of various systems. This useful facility brings you the ability to manage every connected server instantly.

Core-Admin features

The specialized solution is a perfect blend of different unique features, which are mentioned below:

      • There is a built-in and precise internal server monitoring device available that includes self-reparation and self-detection support.
      • The centralized design is the main highlight of this solution that focuses on interactive services. It allows users to configure their servers and allows users to invoke the end users applications and also limit the action to particular objects.
      • It is equipped with many flexible applications that cover many important processes in servers. It includes real-time log watching, integrated IP blocking system, service and process viewer, system users management, file-system change monitor, global task manager and much more.
      • This solution has a secure design which never requires an open pot.
      • You can use many checkers to check the internal data of the servers.
      • When it comes to watcher daemon, it is a unique feature that brings real-time analysis for finding the expressions linked with major events.
      • The specialized tools bring inspection of content expression that allows detecting the usual hacking process in the Web pages.

There is a flexible and powerful event notification option available in this solution that will allow you to generate some useful occasions from the applications and scripts. It conveys them with other events to the web panel of core-admin.

Why opt for Core-Admin?

These are the most impressive feature of this solution that makes it an ideal choice for people who look for a simple way to manage the servers. Onlive Server is a specialized platform that offers the best range of Dedicated Servers and other services to suit all needs and requirements. The security solutions help you to avoid the hacking problems.