BlueOnyx is the server distribution that is based on the CentOS.  BlueOnyx provides the fully-integrated Internet hosting platform including the web, e-mail, file transfer and DNS services in the user-friendly web-based interface and simple aspects. What is BlueOnyx? BlueOnyx works on the virtual private server or commodity hardware suitable for enabling more benefits. It is the Open Source initiative that is free to download and efficient to install. BlueOnyx efficiently maintained in BlueOnyx Shop so that the vendors could get the commercial plug-ins for extending the features in the much more efficient way. BlueOnyx enhances the functionality of the system to the maximum so that it would definitely give you prominent solution in several aspects. It is the open source software that is released by the Sun modified BSD license. It is the modernized fork in the platform that is also developed by the There is more improvement, as well as enhancements, are seen in the BlueOnyx and it is also completely offered with further developments. It includes many numbers of aspects that includes reseller management, built in email statistics, Java Servlet Pages, SSH key/cert management and more. BlueOnyx also efficiently creates MySQL databases with the user interface on the virtual site. Most of the web hosting clients uses this technique for easily bringing more options to the excellence.

Features of BlueOnyx:

With the legacy dates back to the Cobalt Networks RaQ server appliances, BlueOnyx has crossed different technology features with the release on the open source software. They have several medications for keeping the features more modern and usable in the modern Linux OS. The technology also extends its functionality much beyond initial makers. It is enabled with the following features

  • Providing enterprise Linux on the control panel with virtual hosting
  • IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack support
  • Easy to install
  • Preconfigured Apache and Mailman
  • Optional Nginx SSL in HTTP/2 support
  • Modern GUI interface using multiple access control levels
  • GDPR tools help to comply with EU regulations
  • Reseller management allowing resellers for creating the virtual sites
  • Host unlimited amount in virtual sites

The Blueonyx Control Panel is the industry-leading web interface for helping the user to easily administer various functions on web hosting account. Site administrators also use the control panel for setting the users as well as other email options and changing passwords within their sites. Great communication is the major success in all the areas of the framework. BlueOnyx provides the fully-integrated Internet hosting platform on the file transfer services.