Posted on - July 14, 2018


By - Priyanka Bhandari


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CentOS Web Panel is the Free Web Hosting control panel that is efficiently designed for easy and quick management of the VPS and Dedicated server in the chore for enabling the effort in SSH console. What is CentOS Web Panel? CentOS Web Panel offers the huge number of features and options for the server management that is controlled by the panel packages. CWP or CentOS Web Panel is the completely free web hosting control panel allowing the user to conveniently control the different servers. There is no need to access the server on SSH for small task along with many different aspects. CentOS Web Panel is feature rich control panel that most of the developers like to operate. Some common beneficial features of CentOS Web Panel include the.

  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP 5.4 and a PHP switcher
  • MySQL with phpMyAdmin
  • Email
  • CSF – Config Server Firewall
  • Backups (optional)
  • The easy user management interface
  • FreeDNS Server
  • Live Monitoring
  • Backups
  • File System Lock
  • Server configuration AutoFixer
  • cPanel Account Migration

Why choose CentOS Web Panel?

When you are looking for the free control panel with the myriad of features, easy to operate and more application, then firstly know about what is Centos Web Panel. Webpanel is the right answer for you if you need easy to operate. Since the CentOS Web Panel is free to control panel supporting most of the features to the high excellence, here are also available some more free control panel that is Cpanel, Plesk Panel and Virtualmin. CentOS Web Panel features Web Hosting packages Server, FTP Server, DNS Server and many others. Using the CentOS Web Panel (CWP), it is much more efficient to use the VPS across the different purposes that are operated in a much more hassle-free manner. With the use of Centos Web Panel, there is no need to install the configure applications requiring manually. With the single command, it is much easier to install and configure everything automatically to the high extent.

Getting Started:

  • Before installing the CentOS Web Panel, it is necessary to meet the requirements
  • Server (VPS) with CentOS 6, CloudLinux 6 or RedHat 6
  • CentOS Web Panel supports CentOS 7
  • Server (VPS) not installed in the applications allowing to install the web server like Apache
  • Please remove the command when you have installed the Apache VPS
    CentOS Web Panel is completely free to use and enable more option for the installation of the various applications. CentOS Web Panel is also similar to the webuzo panel.
  • High-security panel running all client actions
  • Secure login authorizations
  • Secure and Advanced file manager
  • DNS zone manager
  • Custom themes
  • Custom languages