Direct Admin Server Management | Direct Admin Server Support

DirectAdmin web hosting control is a famous web hosting software which is the same as that of Cpanel. This control panel software will let you to easily administer your site & hosting options by making use of the web-based graphical interface. With the aid of this software, you can easily manage plenty of email accounts, websites etc. DirectAdmin is quite helpful in automating your task so that web servers can be shared easily and offer website owners with the best means to quickly establish & manage websites. The interface has numerous special features in terms of resellers and server administrators. This program runs on Linux or Windows Web Hosting system.

Features Of DirectAdmin

  • Manage DNS
  • Helps in creating & managing FTP user accounts
  • Helps in creating & managing email address
  • View statistics
  • Managing MySQL Databases
  • Helps in managing FrontPage Extensions
  • Helps in creating & managing subdomains
  • Establishing error pages
  • Useful in uploading & managing a file by utilizing file manager
  • Backup & restore website files & account data
  • Establish directory password protection
  • Set-up cron jobs, install SSL certificates as well as other advanced tools.

Benefits Of DirectAdmin

Web hosting environment is evolving constantly. DirectAdmin stays updated with recent sophisticated solutions. Global clients and trends feature requests are continuously analyzed and ideas are taken into practice. Onlive Server is pride in offer DirectAdmin Hosting with new technology, security, and stability. Easy to set-up & manage plenty of websites. The control panel of DirectAdmin is of low cost & regarded as one of the most famous control panel tools for web hosting among business professionals. It has all kinds of feature which is quite useful for you to establish a site using shared hosting.

Why Consider DirectAdmin?

  • Ease of use: DirectAdmin is the simplest and easiest control panel software to use for hosting purposes

  • Speed: This control panel software is programmed in such a way that it is the fastest operating control panel available.

  • Support: This tool offers high-quality support by providing you the answer which you want

  • Stability: DirectAdmin Control neglects the downtime by automatically regaining from crashes

  • Price: This software comes with flexible pricing option to suit the needs of the hosting company

Thus, you might have got detailed information for your query what is DirectAdmin and Direct Admin Software? This control panel software is best among other solutions because of its enormous features and exciting solutions.