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Are you looking for free hosting and fully featured control panel? Sentora is a right option for you. Learn What is Sentora and how to install Sentora Web Control Panel. Everyone desire to learn about what is Sentora because of its unique features and working.

Sentora is one of the fully featured, open source and free hosting control panel. It is significant to know that What is Sentora control panel and how is designed successfully work on various Linux distributions. The good thing about this control panel is that it is actually licensed under GPLv3. The most interesting thing about this control panel is that it is free to use and download. You can utilize this specialized and reliable control for BSD, Linux, and UNIX based computers or servers. It is best for Linux Web Hosting . By using the free hosting and fully featured control panel, you can manage the server easily through its friendly interface. The control panel is simple to install and consists of all essential software you will actually require managing several clients and websites on a solo server. It is designed to work and install with the below-mentioned software packages including PHP, Postfix, Apache HTTPd, ProFTPd, MySQL/MariaDB and Dovecot.

Main features of Sentora

The specially designed control panel is equipped with many useful features including:

  • Resellers: It brings you the capability to provide the reseller accounts and enable the clients for reselling the hosting process in any white-label environment.
  • Multi-client environment: This control panel is created for managing and hosting  several clients on one server.
  • Quota management: It enables to manage and create services like domains and mailboxes, give some tools for enabling you for setting some quotes on creation and bandwidth of services.

Major Requirements

If you make a new install for the Ubuntu server, you can read the following procedures. Otherwise, you can prepend sudo for every shell commands with the root privileges along with sudo-s.

Installation process of sentora

  • You can download the required script to install the Sentora control panel
  • To do the process, you can connect to the server over SSH
  • It will begin with an installer. Here, you can enter the required details
  • After that, you need to enter the domain name with an IP address for accessing the control panel
  • The installation process may take a few minutes.
  • You need to write the password details in the given file
  • Reboot the server for finishing the installation process. After that, you will notice a login screen of sentora
  • After that, you can notice an DirectAdmin control panel

These are few procedures that help you to have a set up of Sentora on the server. If you want to know more useful details, you can opt for Onlive Server.