Vesta is the 3D visualization program that has the structural models and the volumetric data like crystal morphologies as well as electron/nuclear densities. When you are looking for What is Vesta and How to use Vesta then below are some information that could guide you. Vesta deals with the multiple structural models, crystal morphologies, and volumetric data instantly without any hassle. Vesta supports the multiple tabs based on the files. Multiple windows are also supported on the single tab so that different program could run on ineffective manner. When you are looking for dealing the virtually unlimited objects like atoms, polygons, and bonds polyhedral then Vesta is the best option. Lattice transformation is also much more efficient for conventional to the non-conventional lattice using the matrix. The transformation matrix is used for creating the sublattice and superlattice. Visualize the interatomic distances with the bond angles restraining the Rietveld analysis using the high extensive RIETAN-FP. Vesta Software is also considered as the successor to two 3D visualization programs such as VEND and VICS. Visualization of Electron/NUclear and Structures software includes these two features to the high excellence.

Features of Vesta:

It is the high-quality smooth rendering the sections and isosurfaces to the excellence. Normally, these transparent isosurfaces could be conveniently overlapped using the structural models. The isosurface is colored on basis of physical quantity. Only the high-resolution graphics images are enabled that exceeds the Video card limitation.

  • It enables visualization of the crystal morphologies
  • Isosurfaces having multiple levels are visualized
  • Superimposition of the multiple structural models
  • Extended bond-search algorithm allowing sophisticated search
  • Calculations of the nuclear and electron densities are based on structure parameters
  • Integration of the nuclear and electron densities on Voronoi tessellation
  • Performance improvements render the isosurfaces
  • Calculation of slices
  • Displaying atoms labels
  • Customization of styles with bond types
  • Improvements with inputting files on various formats
  • Customization of the symmetry operations
  • The determination at best-selected atoms plane
  • Calculations of the Patterson-function densities
  • Undo and redo support in the GUI operations

Why choose Vesta?

Vesta Application is the cross platform program that is mainly written in C++ language based on the OpenGL technology. Structural models of Vesta are mainly represented as the space-filling, ball-and-stick, wireframe, stick, polyhedral as well as thermal-ellipsoid models. VESTA have more than 38 file formats that includes the CIF, ICSD, INS, PDB and many more.