How to Install WordPress on AWS LightSail

Now, if you are on this page that means you have successfully created the EC2 Instance through AWS LightSail.

After Successfully creating an Instance by integrating WordPress app in it now next step should be to login successfully into that Instance. But, before that make sure that you had changed its dynamic IP into Static IP, otherwise once, the Instance is rebooted it will loose its IP.

Step-01: Login to your WordPress blog.

  1. Go to your respective Light Sail home page and find your WordPress blog which you created.
  2. Now, Copy the static IP which you allotted to that Instance to the clipboard.
  3. Paste the IP address to the browser and press Enter.
  4. Your basic WordPress blog would open up. “Hello World”.

Now, in order to login to the main panel of the blog you need to know the password of that WordPress blog.

To get the password, you need to connect it to your Instance, for which you have to go back to LightSail and choose the option Connect Using SSH or click on rectangular box shaped icon to connect to your WordPress instance.

Now, in the command line type

# ls – This will list all the directories and file in basic Bitnami WordPress.

Now type

# cat bitnami_application_password

Now this command will generate one automatic password which will help you to login to your WordPress site.

Now just copy the password and press paste.

Now next step is to go to your URL and type http:// ip-address/admin And this will take you to WordPress login where you can enter on the control panel by entering the copied password generated automatically.

For more information, watch our YouTube video’s series on How to Integrate WordPress App with AWS LIGHTSAIL and comment below if any querry or help .