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What Is DDoS Protection

Server Hosting Company/ July 18, 2018/ Knowledge Base

If you want to know what is DDoS Protection then you are at right place. DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) is a kind of attack where multiple compromised networks are employed to target a specific system. When the site is under attack, it will not respond to the legitimate users mainly because the hacker-controlled feet of computers seems to maliciously

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Average DDoS Attacks are Increasing in Size

Server Hosting Company/ December 21, 2015/ Dedicated Servers

Get ready for a bunch of mind-blowing Distributed Denial-of-Service ” DDoS attacks ” facts. An estimated 7,000 DDoS attacks affect businesses DAILY. That’s over 2.5 million attacks a year. 40% of these businesses could experience losses of at least $150,000 an hour at peak times, according to analysis firm Neustar. These attacks are only getting larger. According to Onlive Server

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