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Get ready for a bunch of mind-blowing Distributed Denial-of-Service ” DDoS attacks ” facts. An estimated 7,000 DDoS attacks affect businesses DAILY. That’s over 2.5 million attacks a year. 40% of these businesses could experience losses of at least $150,000 an hour at peak times, according to analysis firm Neustar. These attacks are only getting larger. According to Onlive Server Networks, the percentage of attacks over 1Gbps is growing rapidly. Here’s Arbor’s Chief Security Technologist Darren Anstee to explain:

DDoS Attacks

“Extremely large attacks grab the headlines, but it is the increasing size of the average DDoS attack that is causing headaches for enterprises around the world. Companies need to clearly define their business risk when it comes to DDoS. With average attacks capable of congesting the Internet connectivity of many businesses, it is essential that the risks and costs of an attack are understood, and appropriate plans, services and solutions put in place.”

Read about this and much more in Arbor Network’s ATLAS Q2 2015 Global DDoS Attack Trends slideshare embedded below. As Onlive Server has previously mentioned, Arbor’s data is gathered through ATLAS, which features 330+ service providers sharing their anonymous traffic data to analyze global traffic and threat information. This accounts for 25 to 30% of IPv4 traffic across the Internet.  Arbor should be releasing their Q3 results soon, but in the meantime, check out the global DDoS project Digital Attack Map. This is a collaborative effort between Google Ideas and ATLAS’ 120TB per second of Internet traffic knowledge.


DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks

Onlive Server now offers premium hardware-based DDoS monitoring and mitigation, backed by, who else but the market leader in network security, Arbor Networks. The enterprise-grade Arbor PeakFlow SP appliance system allows Onlive Server to protect its network and clients against both application and volumetric attacks. Nearly two-thirds of attacks were volumetric in 2014. These bullies of the Internet attack the infrastructure until either the business meets the demands of the attacker, or until the attacker runs out of money to pay for the DDoS.

End-user subscribers and e-commerce businesses are the most targeted DDoS attack victims. Be prepared with Onlive Server’s monthly attack protection and mitigation against 1GBPS attacks and higher!

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