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Grow Your Business with Cheap Germany Dedicated Server Hosting

In today’s internet world, if you have an online business or a website is your primary way to earn money, it is essential for you to make sure that your server and it’s uptime is secure and reliable. The major issue for most website owners is a server crashing in peak hours. The absolute logical thing to do to avert such a situation is to get a cheap dedicated server Germany, a server that is entirely yours, disk space, CPU usage, memory and an allotted bandwidth. This server is beneficial for clients who would like to host their websites with enough support from the server team. A dedicated server hosting is cost effective and, at most times, cheaper too. Nearly all dedicated servers can host unlimited websites without facing any technical issues. Furthermore, a dedicated hosting server is able to run a web application that is written in different programming languages, such as PHP and ASPX.

Onlive Server offers you Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting at the cheapest price with greater stability, flexibility, enhanced data privatization and 99% faster speed. Our Dedicated Server joins the latest innovation with our outstanding client support and profoundly gifted in-house ability. We build a dedicated server to meet your specific business needs and after that house those in our secured data center office. We offer nearby data center facility in Germany that will give a high network uptime guarantee to your server. Apart from, monitoring team monitor the whole server all day and night and resolve if any problem occurs in your server.

You don’t need to emphasize over physically introducing and designing a firewall security for your servers as everything is managed by our support group and backups are planned automatically without your effort. Our technical support team offers you the 24/7 hours Dedicate Server support and quickly assist you via email or call. So you can contact them anytime whenever you need.

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Onlive Server is a leading Server Hosting Company provide Cheap and best server hosting plans for more than 35 countries. Available all server hosting plans like Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS server hosting. Managed Dedicated Servers: Onlive Server is giving fully managed Dedicated Servers, Linux and windows VPS and Cloud Servers.