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Tips For Speed Up Hosted Website for Business Purpose

After hosting our website the first question arises is, how can we Speed Up Hosted Website for your business purpose?  The speed of our website decides our website online presence. If your site’s speed is slow, it will take a lot of time to be the load. The visitors will not come on your website due to its slow processing.

Find out Born point of issue

First of all, we should find out the reasons why our website goes slow down. Check its loading speed and then find out the factors that affect your website. There are also some tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights that will give the reason why behind it. You can simply put your website URL in it and it will give you the factors that affect your website. It will give you some helpful suggestions also. It will also tell you about the exact issues on your website. After getting its feedback you can take the action and simply work on issues generating factors.

Remove useless Plugins and add-ons

Always keep in mind that our site should contain only those Plugins and add-ons that we are using. Those Plugins and add-ons which are not in use should be removed. The unnecessary Plugins and add-ons are only increasing our web site load. So you can also speed up your website by removing these.

Reduce unnecessary Codes

We should remove or minify the unnecessary code from our website because it’s only increasing the load on our website. By removing unnecessary codes from our website we can speed it up.

Use Compression Technology (Gzip)

Whenever you purchase hosting server then you should ask about GZIP compression on their server. This technology will reduce your file downloading size up to 70% without any bad impact on images, videos, and its quality.

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