Server Hosting Company/ February 25, 2017/ Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting

Turkey Dedicated Server in terms of Flexibility at a affordable price

Onlive Server Technology LLP provides Turkey Dedicated Server hosting for your particular web hosting purpose. It provide you a dedicated server, dedicated hosting service or managed hosting services at a affordable price in which you leases an entire server which will not be shared with anyone like shared hosting server. Our dedicated server will give you more flexibility and lots of hosting features with it. Apart from this you will get full control over your server which includes choice of operating system, hardware and software installation according to your requirement. The whole Server administration is handled by you in terms of software. To recover you from uncertain failure of server we always your server data backups at a certain interval of time so in case of any disaster you will easily take your data with any loss of your server data. We usually provide high quality hardware to our dedicated server which will give you speed, power, flexibility and higher performance due to faster access to hard drives. Besides these all we also have choice of operating system i.e. Linux and Windows. For Linux we have choice of Ubuntu, Cent OS, and SUSE and for Windows we have Windows Server from 2008 to 2013. Our windows server is totally based on .Net framework so it supports all the windows applications very easily.

We are available whenever you want

We give instant server setup so there is no need to wait a long for server setup and you will get an instant server setup within 24 hours. Our Technical support team is the base of our dedicated server. Our technical support team members are very friendly in nature and supportive and they will always support you whenever you need. It monitors your server all day and night to give you best support. Regarding your any server issue you can easily contact them via telephone or email after receiving your message they will contact you very quickly. So with our Turkey web hosting server you will get all the necessary requirements for your web hosting server.