SSD VPS Hosting


Some years back when I began working in the SSD VPS business I didn’t recognize what an “area name” is, yet what a SSD is. It was two years prior when I first found out about SSD and I’m almost certain there are numerous as myself pondering what is a SSD, what is the distinction between a SSD hosting arrangement and a HDD arrange and which one is best for their site. Before the end of the article, you ought to have the capacity to make the right call as to which one you ought to pick. How about we begin by quickly clarifying what is a HDD and what is a SSD.

1. HDD

HDD remains for Hard Disk Drive. This is the conventional hard drive that stores information on platters. HDD have been around for a long time, all the more unequivocally since 1956, while being presented by IBM. Inside a Hard Disk there are numerous turning circles (platters). The Hard Disk head stores and peruses information from the platters by moving around it’s pivot while the platters turn to a great degree quick. This mechanical activity prompts deferred reaction time, actually alluded to as Access Time. As such, so great! However, what does this mean for your site? We should put it like this:


– Lots of plate space accessible – Current limits range from 500 GB to 4 TB
– Lower cost – You can get a standard HDD for about $50 – $200.


– Very ease back execution contrasted with SSDs.

In the event that your site does not require an elite and your application is not utilizing a great many little documents that are gotten to haphazardly, you ought to consider a HDD facilitating arrangement. At the end of the day, in the event that you are a start-up or your site should be only a presentation page with a low number of guests then you ought to go for a HDD hosting arrangement.

2. SSD

SSD remains for Solid State Drive. Not at all like the HDD, the SSD VPS stores information on microchips. Since it has no moving parts that need to achieve a particular point to peruse the information, the SSD VPS has for all intents and purposes no postponements in serving the read/compose demands. What does this mean for your site?


– Very superior – They serve arbitrary information around 100 times quicker than a HDD
– Very high exchange speed – About 5 times bigger throughput


– Higher expense – While a low end 120 GB SSD is about $100 hope to pay about $3500 for a 800 GB endeavor grade SSD.

– Limited storage room – These drives normal limit is around 250 GB and up to 1 TB, with the last being excessively costly

On the off chance that your site requires superior, quick reaction time and uses arbitrary information access, you ought to presumably settle on a SSD Hosting arrangement. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you running an exceptionally bustling site you ought to most likely go for a SSD VPS.

So main concern is that, there’s no set in stone answer. Before picking a facilitating arrangement, you ought to asses furthermore vital: bunches of capacity for two or three pennies, or elite for an additional expense. Both facilitating choices are great if decided for the right reason.