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Web Hosting determines the success of your website. It physically locates the website on the internet, along with storing all the data on the website. The web hosting service makes the website accessible through WWW (World Wide Web). The service providers help the website owners in providing the server space, maintaining the server and internet connectivity in the data centre. Website hosting is mandatory for any online business as it helps the visitors to get to your website by typing your domain name. Moreover, the hosting service provides 24/7 support for your website so that it keeps on running smoothly, providing uninterrupted access to your webpage. The hosting companies provide the server space that could be owned or leased by the clients, but there is nothing to worry about the cost as there are Windows and Linux based Cheap Web Hosting companies available in the market.

Cpanel Linux Web Hosting Plans

To understand why web hosting is essential, we need to learn about what do we get in a web hosting service. The best web hosting companies come with the following benefits:

  • Security and Reliability – The website owners usually tend to overlook the website security, and that is why we need Linux Web hosting, where the service providers keep the regular backups, build walls around the website through firewalls, security software, etc. Hence, protecting your server.

The 99.9% uptime rule of the hosting servers does wonders as due to this; the website remains online almost all of the time. The hosting plans for the clients come with the uptime policies and uptime guarantee.

  • Bandwidth and Storage – The bandwidth refers to the amount of website traffic the site could handle. The hosting services offer various plans to manage the site visitors without slowing down the website speed or altering the site performance. Interestingly, Onlive Server, a web hosting company provides unlimited bandwidth in every plan on the cheapest rates.

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Furthermore, server storage includes storing videos, images, data, and content. The storage provided by the hosting companies varies widely as the cheap web hosting service provided by Onlive Server promises to give SSD Space Storage from 5GB to 150GB just within $2- $9 per month.

  • Domain Management- In the beginning one might site from a single site, but as the website grows, you would need multiple domains. The server needs to provide more than one domain and needs to have useful domain management tools. Being the best web hosting company, Onlive Server to provide up to 20 domains equipped with WHM and cPanel’s just for $9 per month.
  • Customer Support- Sometimes, the websites could go offline, starts to show an unknown error, and could leave us feeling helpless. But an excellent hosting company such as Onlive Server has always got your back by providing robust hosting solutions by using high-quality software and hardware.
  • Boosting Site performance- The website hosting will ensure to maintain the high performance of the website and speed up the website loading. These two factors are conducive to search engine optimization (SEO) of the website. This could be very helpful in organic SEO and driving more and more traffic towards the webpage. Moreover, to expand the reach of the site, the service providers could make the website accessible in various locations. Like Onlive Server’s hosting services centers in the USA, Canada, France, and India. That can enhance the uptime of the site.

Onlive provides Customization- This benefit is provided by Onlive Server where the company offers Linux Web Hosting as well. The clients get the database of his choice and as per the requirements. Mostly the cheap Linux web hosting plans are meant for small and medium businesses. In this service, the clients are given the maximum benefits at the lowest costs. A variety of strategies are given as per the needs of the clients for WordPress hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Expression Engine Hosting, and Text Pattern Hosting. The company has the latest PHP versions and holds the server’s configuration of XEON 2.4 GHz and above 8-20 Core CPU, up to 10 TB HDD, 32-128 GB RAM.