Change File Permissions
Change File Permissions

Evolving record/envelope authorizations

All records on UNIX (Counting linux and other UNIX variations) machines have admittance consents.Along these lines the working framework knows how to manage solicitations to get to the records.There are three sorts of access


  • Perused – Denoted as r, documents with read access can be shown to the client.
  • Compose – Denoted as w, records with compose access can be adujested by the client.
  • Execute – Denoted as x, documents with execute access can be executed as projects by the client.


Access sorts are set for three sorts of client gathering:


  • Client – The proprietor of the record.
  • Bunch – Other documents which are in the same organizer or gathering.
  • World – Everyone else.


The web server should have the capicity to peruse your website pages keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to show them in a program.The accompanying consents should be set all together for your site to work legitimately.


  • All HTML documents and pictures should be decipherable by others. The quaity for this is 644 (coherent by user, group and world, and writable by user).
    It is set naturally when you transfer records.
  • Everything envelops need to be executable by others. The quality for this is 755(coherent by user, group and world). It is set naturally when you make an
  • All CGI documents (all records in the cgi-canister envelope) should be executable by other. the worth for this is 755 (comprehensible by user, group, and
    world, writable by user, executable by user, group, and world).It is not set naturally when you transfer records. You have to change records authorizations


Step 1 : Open your file manager and explore to the record or envelope that you have to change.
Step 2 : Click on the name of the record or envelope.
Step 3 : Click on the change permissions join in the top menu of the file manager page.
Step 4 : Click on the same number of check boxes as you require to make the right authorization. The consent numbers underneath the check boxes will overhaul naturally.
Step 5 : Click on the change permissions catch when you are prepared.The new consent level is spared and the showcase upgraded to demonstrate the altered record.